Why You Should Play at a Brand New Online Casino

Joe A.
26th August, 2020

Almost every month, a new online casino shows up in the scenes of internet gambling. Yet many players rightly ask themselves the question: is it worth it to immediately start playing on the websites of these newcomers, or are you better of sticking to the reputable old casinos? In this article we explore the advantages which brand new online casinos bring to the scene and why you should consider playing!

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Online casino

Online casinos go all the way back to 1995 and have since become very popular in a short time. Today, there are regularly new online casinos popping up on the scene, so we thought it was time to find out who these newcomers are and put a list on this page. It is important that you know what to expect from a new casino.

This website does not only cover the latest online casinos you can find within the entire worldwide gambling industry, but also helps you claim casino bonuses, allow you to play the latest casino games and live dealer games. Choosing a new online casino rather than a reputable casino site with a good reputation in the industry comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

But in today’s fast-growing casino market, there are definitely some plus sides to new online casinos which makes it worth to keep an eye on new gambling providers. Our answer to frequently asked questions about such new casinos can all be found here. First of all, it is important to do research. We compared the most important aspects of different online casinos and know how to recognise an unreliable casino with poor bonus conditions from a good online casino where it is worth registering and playing.

cookie casino new

Cookie Casino is an example of a relatively new online casino. ©Screenshot

The Best New Online Casinos – Personally Tested and Approved

Finding a good online casino is no easy task. As there are hundreds of casino websites, you should be critical when choosing an online casino to play at if you want to take advantage of additional privileges on a regular basis.

On our website you will find a list of the most recommended online casinos that are all fully licensed and offer a wide range of games from the best software suppliers. Compare the casino bonuses and read the reviews to learn more about a particular new online casino.

As you can see, these online casinos have many of these good aspects in common as they all feature a great game library and some attractive bonus offers. However, at the same time they have found a way to distinguish themselves from other providers having similar offers. Most of the new online casinos have innovative approaches to gaming and a brand-new online platform. They feature great layouts and easy-to-navigate websites – including full mobile compatibility – to attract players to video slots or classic casino table games.

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The five main reasons to test out a new online casino

Below we have listed the main five reasons why it can be worthwhile to start playing at a newly opened online casino – on the condition of course that the casino in question is fully licensed and reputable.

1. New casino games and fun promotions

The newest casino sites tend to add the latest casino games to the already wide range of available games at other casino websites. They have partnered with the best game makers to provide players with games via mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

A healthy dose of new games is a great weapon for new casino operators. The younger online casinos in the gambling industry do not only launch the most refreshing casino games, but you will also find the most modern software platforms on which these games are run.

Game related promotions and special deals are available to new players at online casinos. There are many free spins bonuses to claim and all you have to do for this is to sign up at a casino website. Especially the newest online casinos often come with these kinds of attractive promotions because as new gaming providers they have to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Regular players can often claim cashback or reload bonuses while there are also sign-up offers and other special promotions for newcomers. Even if you are already a regular at a different online casino, It can be worth up just to sign up for a second or third online casino just to claim some bonuses and promo offers.

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2. Better odds and higher payouts

Winning money at an online casino is based on luck. All the fun and trustworthy online casinos use something called a random number generator (RNG) as special software tool to ensure that random results are spewed out of all games. Therefore, there is no way to predict what each game will bring. It happens regularly that you lose consecutive rounds depending on the flow of the game, before perhaps winning five times in a row.

For example, some online video slots have a high volatility. This means that the big wins are rare, but if you are lucky enough to hit a winning combination, you will win quite a big amount of money. On the contrary, there are less volatile slots where you might win more often, but the amounts you win each time will be much smaller.

You can also see this within certain games such as roulette, where betting on a number is a high risk, high reward wage while a bet on red or black has close to 50/50 odds.

Another important factor is the RTP (Return to Player rate) which helps you determine how much money you can expect to get back for all bets that you make if you would keep on playing a certain game on a long term. Keep in mind that it is just a theoretical number and you will lose or win more money in the short term. The longer you play, the closer your results will be to the published RTP rates of a certain game.

Here you have some of the highest paying casino games you can now play at new online casinos. With RTPs of more than 97%, you often have better payout percentages at online casinos than at land-based casinos, where the numbers are often around 80% to 90%.

What makes online gambling so much fun? Much less costs. Online casinos offer better payout percentages and you save costs by not having to pay for gas or parking fees to just reach the casino. You can just play from home or from any other comfortable place!

– Reel Rush: 97%
– Jack Hammer: 97.10%
– Immortal Romance: 96.80%
– Guns’ n Roses: 96.98%

video slot new online casino

Video slots are always popular at online casinos. ©Screenshot

3. New bonus offers with favourable conditions

Most online casinos that exist already for a while longer tend to offer a simple match bonus on your first deposit. However, many new operators have chosen to be more creative with their promotional packages as they need to stand out in the field to promote their start-up casino.

The 100% deposit bonus with 15x to 35x wagering requirements have become the industry standard at online casinos. Sometimes, there is however a turf war going on between online casinos trying to outshine their competitors by offering far more attractive bonuses with higher percentages. Some online casinos even offer up to a thousand euro in free bonus money when you deposit your first amount.

Obviously, online casinos which just entered the online gambling market struggle most to attract a new share of players as they still have to work on their name ID and reputation in a field with many competitors who have long established themselves. They might initially struggle to gain exposure among players and thus need to come up with more creative marketing and promotion solutions. Weekly promotions, personalised rewards, and tailor-made bonus offers are just a few of the special promotions you can find at new online casinos. Chances are big that these offers are better than you will find at the more established online casinos who already managed to gain their market share.

And what about no-deposit bonuses? If you are not interested in a deposit bonus as welcome package (for example, if the terms & conditions do not match your needs), there are other rewards at casino sites that you can take advantage of. Take, for example, the no-deposit bonus. This is offered at several new online gambling sites.

These no-deposit bonuses come for example in the form of free spins which are credited to the accounts of newly registered players. All you have to do is register for a free online account and the free spins will be immediately added to your account once you are approved. Sure, compared to deposit bonuses this type of bonus might seem to be a bit on the small side. However, you should keep in mind that for this bonus you do not have to deposit (and risk) your own money – which is something that does attract a certain group of gamblers, especially those who like video slots.

Of course, in any case players must do something in return to clear the bonus conditions if they manage to win a great prize using bonus money or spins. This is always detailed in the terms and conditions on the bottom of the website or in bonus promotional emails and pages. Make sure you have always read the bonus terms and conditions before depositing or creating an account so you know what to expect.

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4. Modern casino applications and game library

It took a while, but nowadays there is almost no difference between playing casino games on your computer or laptop, or on your mobile phone. With the advance of mobile optimised games in HTML5 technology or Flash software, new online casinos now offer a first-class mobile experience to its players.

Due to the growing popularity of mobile gambling and the likelihood that playing on your smartphone will become even more popular in the future compared to old-fashioned gaming on a computer, new online casinos are eager to invest in mobile gaming. These casinos usually tend to offer exceptional mobile versions of their casino website as being a new casino means they will use the latest technology available.

On the contrary, it can be difficult at times for some older online casinos to modernise when the platform they have worked well for so long. The same counts for partnerships with modern payment methods, such as e-wallets (eg. Neteller, Skrill) or even allowing payments in Bitcoin.

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5. Great customer service and faster payouts

The latest online casinos tend to have a great customer service for questions and problems. The days of only offering customer support through (expensive) phone lines or (slowly answered) emails are fortunately over. Modern-day casinos always tend to offer innovative solutions, such as for example a live chat function in which you can directly contact someone from customer care to help you with your problem or question.

It is also extremely important for new online casinos to offer reliable payment services. A good new online casino should offer a wide range of cash-out options to transfer the money from your account to your bank, and vice versa. This includes credit cards, e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and Paypal or prepaid cards such as Paysafecard.

In addition, there are nowadays even Bitcoin casinos which have entered the market. This cryptocurrency is known for its anonymity and is a preferred currency among a niche group of gamblers, although it is slowly winning an increased market share among ordinary casino players as well.


Now that you know what to look out for when searching for new online casinos, you can start your search adventure. On our website you will find casino reviews of both the older, well-established online casinos as well as of some enticing newcomers on the scene. In these reviews, you can find a detailed overview about the games that can be played at these casinos, payment services, casino bonuses, customer service and much more.

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