VIP Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Make sure that you get something back for all that you’ve put into gaming at your favourite online casino by joining a VIP loyalty program to earn casino rewards such as bonuses and great prizes. As a Canadian high roller, you would be mad to play at an online casino which doesn’t have some rewards programme for loyal players. The best online casinos are those that appreciate their clientele and show just how much through rewards and other freebies. One of the best ways for casinos to distinguish the wheat from the chaff is through a loyalty program.

To ensure you don’t miss out, check our top casino VIP loyalty programs and read our players’ guide to learn how they work. The casinos listed below all accept players from Canada and have an exciting loyalty, VIP or casino rewards program offering true high roller benefits.

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Best Canadian Casinos with VIP Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Royal Panda Review

Aptly named, Loyal Panda is the loyalty program offered by Royal Panda. It’s a fairly straightforward, yet possible extremely rewarding, loyalty program. Players get loyalty points for making minimum wagers at certain Royal Panda games to earn Loyalty Points. These loyalty points can then be exchanged in Royal Panda’s Loyalty Shop for a huge spectrum of rewards that range from free plays to real-world prizes depending on how many points you want to exchange. Real-world prizes can be anything from tablets to international getaways.

There are four loyalty levels that you move through as you climb the ranks at Royal Panda. The Gold and Diamond levels remove wagering requirements for any bonus money received by a player. Minimum wagers to earn loyalty points range from $10 for slots to $25 for roulette to $50 for most other live casino and table games.

LeoVegas Review

In their own words, LeoVegas offers a VIP experience that’s fit for a king. Like most other VIP schemes, theirs is based on a loyalty points system. There are multiple levels to progress through based on how many points you have earned. Unlike most platforms, however, you earn points for just about any wager you make.

The LeoVegas loyalty plan is less structured than most of the others on this list. VIP members are rewarded for their performance every month with bonus money based on their points as well as other random special gifts depending on their rewards level. They also hold regular reward draws where VIPs stand a chance to win real-life prizes like Apple products. The more points you have, the more tickets you get and the better your chances of winning.

Betsson Casino Review

Although Betsson only offers one type of reward for earning points via their VIP program, it’s the best type of reward there is: cash! Extra cash means you can keep on playing for longer, no matter whether it’s at the slots, the live casino tables or when competing for one of Betsson’s massive jackpots. Betsson’s points system has a snowball effect, so your potential earnings skyrocket the more you play.

There are three different VIP levels which you can qualify for by earning a minimum number of VIP points per month. Depending on your level, your total VIP points will be converted into Betsson points at the end of each month at a different rate. For Bronze, 1 VIP point = 1 Betsson point. At Silver, 1 VIP point = 2 Betsson points and at Gold 1 VIP point = 3 Betsson points.

N1 Casino Review

The best online casinos treats all of their players as VIPs and N1 Casino is no exception to that rule. N1 Casino has a special VIP loyalty club which is open to all players – anyone can participate in it for free! As a member of N1 Casino’s VIP Club you can get some amazing bonuses, freebies and other prizes depending on how much you play and bet. The VIP loyalty scheme of N1 Casino has several levels and how higher you climb up in this VIP programme, the more rewards you will earn. For every 20 CAD worth of bets, you earn one bonus point. These bonus points can eventually be exchanged for cash bonuses and free spins. It is thus absolutely worth it to return to N1 Casino if you want to gamble, as the more money you wage, the more points you earn.

Of course, the VIP programme of N1 Casino is especially suitable for high rollers. The more you bet, the more points you earn and the easier it is to make your way up to the highest levels! Expect higher and more frequent bonuses such as special cashback deals, a dedicated VIP casino manager, personal gifts, exclusive tournament invites, higher withdrawal limits and faster cash-outs if you make your way to the top tiers!

Playamo Review

Playamo is a leading online casino site that has come to represent the finest in high-limit gaming. One thing is for certain, the Playamo team sure knows how to treat the players. As well as a wealth of high-quality premium content that is unparalleled in the high-stakes online casino market, Playamo also offers generous high roller incentives and VIP schemes, designed to give something back to those loyal repeat offenders and big spending players.

If you are a high roller looking to branch out into a new casino and make the most of countless benefits and bonuses, look no further than Playamo. As well as a vast selection of generous and regular weekly bonuses, players can also earn ‘CPs’ or ‘CP’ points, which naturally accumulate with each bet you make. The more CP points you collect, the more bonuses and exclusive entitlements will be made available to you. In essence, the more money and time you spend betting on Playamo, the more rewards, bonuses and promotional benefits you will be entitled to. The value of CP points is made apparent early on, with prizes ranging from complimentary VIP membership (1-49 CP) to a brand new Ferrari 488 GTB (5,000,000 CP), the highest you can get.

Mr. Play Review

Mr. Play’s incredible VIP rewards program will give you more than enough reasons to keep playing their online casino games. The rewards for going up the loyalty program ladder start growing slowly but rapidly expand once you reach the higher rungs. You get reward points for wagering $40 at most of their games. Each level requires an increased amount of loyalty points to reach, but your redemption rate also increases per level.

On the lower levels, your rewards are mostly for free games. However, on the higher levels, you start unlocking greater deposit bonuses that apply to all deposits, cash-back offers, express cash-out processing times, higher withdrawal limits and a personal account manager. The top two levels are by invitation-only. If you qualify, you’ll be approached with a personal offer by an account manager.

Casino Days Review

At the moment, Casino Days does not have an official rewards programme or VIP program for registered users. That said, if you are a Canadian high roller who is planning to bring some a significant sum of money to the casino you can always contact the casino help desk as there may be a special offer in store in terms of bonuses or higher gambling, payment and withdrawal limits.

Even though Casino Days does not have a formal rewards and VIP programme, you should not forget that this casino does offer 20% cashback to all its players on a weekly basis. Most online casinos which actually do have a VIP programme will not even give such a fantastic bonus to its top players – while Casino Days gives this generous cashback bonus to all. If it would be up to us we would say that the weekly Casino Days cashback bonus makes up the lack of a loyalty program. Especially high rollers who wage significant sums of money each week will appreciate this cashback deal as in the long-run it can save them a lot of money by mitigating their losses during streaks of bad luck. After all, playing at a casino is as much about keeping your losses to a minimum as it is to getting the most out of a good luck streak!

NetBet Review

NetBet is one of the oldest and best-established online casinos. Their mature and in-depth loyalty program reflects their status as one of the leading online casinos. You can level up in this program by obtaining a certain amount of NetPoints during a monthly period, and you need to maintain this monthly earning to stay in that level. Each level comes with a higher NetPoint earning rate to help you maintain your level. The further up you go, the more categories you unlock in the VIP store.

Things you can buy in the VIP store include tournament tokens, reload bonuses, cash bonuses and gifts such as a concierge service and physical items. You also get better and better daily access to freerolls with instant wins depending on your VIP level. The only unfortunate thing is that you can lose your standing if you have an off month.

National Casino Review

National Casino has its own casino rewards and loyalty programme which is simply called the VIP Club. As the casino puts it: “Elite players deserve elite rewards. At National casino, we take great pains to give preferential treatment to players who return to our venue time and time again.”

There are 15 different levels in the loyalty program of National Casino. You start of course at the lowest level. The more you bet at this casino, the higher you climb. At each level, you will find different rewards and bonuses awaiting you, such as free spins and even cash prizes! For every 15 CAD which you wage at one of the casino games you earn 1 CP – which are the points being used in this casino rewards scheme. To reach the first level, you need to earn 25 CP, after which you get 25 free spins at the Platinum Lightning video slot. At the highest level of National Casino’s VIP Club you win the grand prize of 160,000 Canadian dollar!

A High-Roller’s Guide to VIP Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Worried about missing out on the best VIP loyalty program rewards? By following this players’ guide to how casino loyalty and rewards programs work, you’ll be able to judge the top loyalty programs of the best casinos yourself. As these programs differ a lot and have a wide variety of terms, points systems and rewards, it’s imperative that you know exactly what to look for.

How Loyalty Programs Work

Loyalty programs usually work on a point-based system in which players earn points for playing casino games. A tiered structure is also usually employed, allowing regular players to access better rewards as they play. Rewards can come in many different forms and can be redeemed in different ways.

Create an Account

At most online casinos, you will automatically be entered into the loyalty program simply by creating an account. To become a VIP, you need to earn it just like everyone else. However, some casinos will only allow you to participate once you’ve deposited or wagered a certain amount.

Play to Get Points

Virtually all VIP loyalty programs award points for playing some or all of a casino’s games. However, some games might earn you more points than others. Often, you also need to make a minimum wager (or bet) at a particular game to get points. This limit is typically low for slots and other casino games and a bit higher for table games, particularly blackjack. You may also need to reach certain milestones to get extra points.

Level Up

Most VIP and loyalty programs employ some kind of tiered levelling system. All players start at the lowest level and work their way up in order to unlock better rewards. A big difference between loyalty programs is that some let you stay at a level once you’ve made it that far while others require you to keep earning points at a certain rate to stay at your current level. Going down a tier means you’ll lose access to certain rewards and privileges.

Spend Points or Claim Rewards

This is another major way in which loyalty programs can differ. Some even use a combination of multiple ways to reward their players. For example, many programs automatically send out rewards at certain milestones (for example, when a player levels up). Others allow you to use your points in a store where you can “buy” rewards and prizes. At luxury online casinos with true VIP programs, you’ll even be approached personally by a representative to receive your rewards.

Type of VIP Loyalty Program Rewards

Casinos can differ dramatically in how they reward their players. Casinos know that all their players don’t have the same preferences, so they provide a wide range of rewards to make as many of their players happy as possible. You should not only be aware of the rewards each program offers but also the unique terms and conditions associated with each one.

Casino Bonuses

Here, we have the most common type of rewards in a VIP or loyalty program: the casino bonus. To keep things simple, some casinos reward their players with special promotions, deposit bonuses or free plays. These are often doled out whenever a player reaches a new level in their loyalty progression or when they reach certain milestones. Casinos serious about free spins often give them out at these levels while other casinos usually give bonus money with wagering requirements.

Real Prizes

One of the rare but rewarding ways in which a casino can reward their loyal players and VIPs is through physical gifts and prizes. These prizes can either be given at the discretion of the casino itself, or players can obtain them by redeeming loyalty points. Physical prizes can be anything from tablets to TVs to trips around the world.

loyalty program casino rewards vip

Playamo is one of the online casinos which has a VIP loyalty programs in which gamblers can win great casino rewards. Top players can even win a Ferrari!

Cash Back

Cash back bonuses are high up the list when it comes to players’ favourite VIP rewards. With cash back bonuses, you get a percentage of your wagered money back in cash. Not bonus money. Real cash. Usually, this doesn’t apply to bonus money you wagered. However, free cash is always welcome, particularly when you were unlucky at the tables or slot machines.

Account Manager

Nothing makes you feel quite like a VIP like having your very own personal account manager. As you might expect, this reward is only offered by the very best casinos and VIP programs and only to a select few VIPs who have proven themselves worthy of this personal attention. This account manager will be at your call whenever you need.

Exclusive Tables

This is one for the high-rollers. At many online casinos with a strong live casino experience, VIPs will have special tables just for them. Usually, these tables are also high-roller tables with higher maximum bets and payouts. The very best croupiers a casino has to offer are also usually at these tables to make sure that these loyal players truly have a VIP experience.

VIP Events and Tournaments

These rewards count for both virtual tournaments and live ones. These rewards could be free tickets to enter tournaments where players stand to win huge jackpots or other prizes. It could also be for live events in the form of (online) tournaments or parties held by the casino. Usually, the higher your VIP level, the more exclusive the events that you gain entry to.

Store Items

Most VIP or loyalty programs are tied in with a rewards or loyalty points store. These stores are where players exchange their virtual points for either virtual or real-world prizes. This is an exciting and convenient way to reward loyal players because it allows them to save up for and purchase prizes that they really want. Levelling up can open up new products for purchase or get you discount prices.

Better Withdrawal Terms

No one thinks much about withdrawal terms until you have a massive bankroll you want to get your hands on. That’s why this is such a great perk for VIP players. This is often a tiered reward that goes up with your loyalty program level or status. On top of higher limits, VIP players may also get expedited or express transaction processing so they get their hands on their funds quicker.

Priority Support

It’s hard to appreciate great support until you really need it. If you are high enough up to already have a personal account manager, this won’t impress you much. However, for other players, priority support can mean drastically shorter response times and customer support agents that are actually willing to go the extra mile. You may even unlock extra support channels such as live chat or 24/7 phone support.

Level Up and Become a VIP Now at one of These Fantastic Casinos

We hope that this list helps you find an online casino with a truly rewarding loyalty program. At the right casino, you’ll definitely be rewarded for your loyalty, which means you’ll get something back for all of your time and money spent. There certainly are plenty of online casinos around which offer great VIP benefits and full casino rewards program – and all of these casinos which we featured on our website are open to players from Canada!

Just remember to always read the T&Cs carefully for any loyalty program, just as you would for a promotion or bonus, to make sure your expectations are in line with reality. We’ve already shown you 10 of the best casinos as reviewed by our expert gamers. Now, it’s up to you to pick the one that suits your playing style.