The Casino Random Number Generator Explained: All You Need to Know About RNGs!

Joe A.
7th August, 2020

You might have heard before about a piece of software called the Random Number Generator (RNG) which is being used in almost every piece of (online) casino software. It is an integral piece of code which basically guarantees the honesty and trustworthiness of all casino games by guaranteeing a completely random result – therefore making sure that you have a fair and honest shot of winning a casino game. However, there are quite some misconceptions to what a Random Number Generator precisely is, how it works, and why it is important.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the RNG, debunk some myths, and give you some valuable casino advice. Make sure to read on!

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What is a Random Number Generator?

A Random Number Generator is a computer program that spits out random results. There are different types of Random Number Generators. Online casinos mostly use a type of RNG which is called a Pseudo RNG. What makes pseudo RNGs unique is that they don’t need external numbers or data to produce outcomes. All they need is an algorithm and numbers.

New numbers (and results) are produced every millisecond. This is done by simply producing and using the last or two numbers (add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc.) to create a random result again. Do this again, and keep on repeating the process, and you have basically a pseudo RNG.

Because there is nothing arbitrary about mathematical formulas such as 1 + 1 (which is always 2), a certain outcome will always give the same result. That is why such a random number generator is not completely random. It is also the reason why a Random Number Generator is hackable as algorithms are predetermined.

Only a certain number of algorithms are known in the world. If anyone knows which algorithms, numbers or specific RNG is used by online casinos, they could use this information to cheat and win millions of euros. It has been done before.

random number generator casino video slot

Video slots also use Random Number Generators to give random results with each spin. ©Screenshot

How do online casinos use RNG?

The RNG is used for virtual games, which are games that come without a dealer. You would think this applies to most online casinos, but land-based casinos also use it for the slot machines such as keno, video poker, video slots, blackjack and roulette. Let’s take the video slots as an example. How exactly does an RNG work?

The general idea is as follows:

A certain value is attached to each symbol on the reels. And let’s say there are twelve symbols per reel, and it is a 5 reel slot. The RNG should come with a value of 1 to 12 on each of the 5 reels. The result would be 5 different symbols. And if these 5 “random” symbols have combined, they will be paid according to the pay table.

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Can you cheat with RNG?

In theory it is possible, but most people are not capable of doing so. But of course there are always exceptions to the rule. There was once an online casino that faked the results in a craps game. A player had posted the results online on 3200 bets and experts found that the results deviate far too much from how it normally should be. He only won 856 of the times, while theoretically he should win 49% of the time with a “pass” or “don’t pass” bet. Because that is what this person was betting his money on.

Of course this is a rare example, and there are several examples where online casinos have cheated the players. But the truth is that in the long run, the online casino can make a lot more money by being honest. The RNG is properly tested and checked by third parties at most online casinos. They would never get away with influencing the RNG.

Gambling authorities grant casino licenses to casino sites. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the renowned authorities known for their strict online gambling rules. If you manage to find online casinos with this license then you are assured that the results of the RNG are fair. If this were not the case, the online casino would not have a license.

Which steps should be taken to ensure that Random Number Generators are fair?

All reputable online casinos are being tested. The software and games they use are too. This is always done by an independent testing agency. An example of such a company is TST (Technical Systems Testing), a company now managed by GLI, or Gaming Laboratories International.

They offer a wide range of tests and ensure that both online and offline casinos all have their software tested and thoroughly checked. They perform various services to carry out evaluations, such as:

– Random Number Generator evaluations
– Game and mathematical evaluations
– Ongoing RNG or payout percentages verification and reports
– Live dealer, sportsbook, or bet evaluations
– Lotteries
– Poker systems
– Testing complete safety protocols

When an online casino meets various requirements, they receive a certificate saying that their casino games are fair and the casino can be trusted. This means that the results of the games are indeed random, which means that the casino has no influence on the outcomes. It also means that online casinos meet the minimum payout percentage and requirement which is stated for each casino games.

rng code random number generator

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is essentially a piece of code in online casino software which determines fair and random results of each game.


Well, that’s all about Random Number Generators in a nutshell. These are complicated programs which ensure that casino games are as random as they can be. And they stay that way, as long as they are tested and you are not playing at the wrong online casinos. That is why it is important that you always go through casino reviews before deciding where you want to gamble online. We have already checked for you which casinos have valid licenses and thus ensure fair gaming results. Check out our casino reviews page for this!

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