The Best High Roller Games: Bet and Win Big

Joe A.
19th July, 2023

If you want to beg and win big, there are many high roller games you can choose from when you play at the right online casino. A lot of online casinos have special tables and games where high rollers can play with high limits and place large bets. It’s high stakes gambling at its best!

In this article, we will show you what the most popular high roller games are among casino whales. These games generally have a high maximum bet limit which allows you to place substantial wagers. It will definitely be risky – but if it’s your lucky day you may very well end up winning even bigger amounts of money. That’s the true thrill of high stakes gambling!

So let’s have a look and find out what the most popular casino games are among high rollers these days.

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High roller games defined

Before we delve into the most popular high roller games, it’s essential that we first define what is precisely meant by this term. A high roller simply refers to a player who wagers substantial amounts of money on casino games. These players are often characterised by their ability to place large bets and their willingness to take significant risks with their money. They therefore tend to have a large bankroll to play with and the personal funds to replenish it when needed.

High rollers are attracted to the thrill of playing for higher stakes. Needless to say this can lead to substantial wins, but also to great losses. The specific amount that qualifies a player as a high roller may vary depending on the casino and the game played, but it typically involves bets well above the average wagering limits.

High stakes casino games are those that cater to high rollers by offering betting limits significantly higher than regular casino games. These games are designed to accommodate players with larger bankrolls and often have a more exclusive and luxurious atmosphere. They are commonly found in special VIP areas of the casino or in exclusive high roller rooms, providing a more private and upscale gaming experience away from the crowds. This counts for both land-based as well as online casinos, where you might for example have your private live casino table when you want to bet big.

However, these high roller games are not inherently different from regular casino games when it comes to the gaming experience. The gaming experience of a high roller, playing a certain casino game with $2,000 bets, can be entirely similar to that of low-budget gamblers wagering a mere $0.20.

high roller games

Blackjack: The traditional high roller game

Blackjack has earned a reputation as the traditional high roller casino game, particularly in the United States. One of the main reasons why blackjack is such a popular game among high rollers is the low house edge. Of course, to achieve a low house advantage it is highly important to use the basic blackjack strategy. To further improve your odds, you should definitely try to learn skills such as card counting.

Another factor why blackjack is one of the most popular high roller games is the betting flexibility. Casinos often have high-limit blackjack tables where players can place substantial bets, far exceeding the limits found in other games. No matter which land-based or online casino you choose, finding a high-limit blackjack table is generally easy.

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Which blackjack games to seek out

In an online casino, the most suitable blackjack games for high rollers usually have names like Blackjack VIP or Salon Privé Blackjack. Generally speaking, limits are always higher in live casino games than they are in standard online games.

However, it’s worth seeking out a few other blackjack variants if you are a high roller. Take for example the game Multi-Hand Blackjack. In this variant, you can play multiple hands simultaneously, often up to five or more hands per round. This allows you to increase your betting volume and potential winnings compared to normal blackjack games. If you have a quick mind and are still able to make the best decisions while you play several hands at one time, then Multi-Hand Blackjack might be the right game for you.

Another popular blackjack game variant among high rollers is Double Exposure Blackjack. In Double Exposure Blackjack, both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up, giving players valuable information to make informed decisions. This variant offers higher stakes opportunities for high rollers who thrive on strategic gameplay. With the ability to see the dealer’s cards, skilled players can adjust their strategies and bets accordingly, creating an enticing dynamic for those seeking a higher level of control and challenge.

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Roulette is another highly popular casino game among high rollers for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it’s the gameplay that makes roulette so popular. There is just something exciting about watching the spinning roulette wheel and to guess in which of the numbered pockets the little ball will eventually fall. Because you have to wait for a while for the result to be known, the anticipation of where the ball will finally land creates a big adrenaline rush.

The high pay-outs make for another reason why roulette is so popular among high rollers. The pay-out for a single number bet in roulette is 35 to 1. That’s much higher than the pay-out you get in a game like blackjack! Of course, the chances of actually winning are much lower. You really need to have some luck to overcome the casino’s house advantage! But if it’s your lucky day, roulette can give you some big wins, especially if you are a high roller who is betting some big sums of money.

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Roulette games

Many land-based and online casinos offer exclusive high roller tables. These tables have higher betting limits and tend to me more exclusive, which means that you will be playing among other high rollers and not the average low-limit gambler. Just like we have seen with blackjack, such tables are easily recognisable when you visit an online casino. These high-limit roulette games often have names such as VIP Roulette, High Roller Roulette or Salon Privé Roulette.

There are some special roulette game variants which are well-worth seeking out if you are a high roller. Perhaps the most interesting roulette variant of all – and certainly the most unique – is Lightning Roulette. Developed by Evolution Gaming, this live dealer roulette game introduces a unique twist by adding random multiplier numbers to each spin of the wheel. During each round, up to five random numbers are struck by lightning, receiving multiplier values ranging from 50x to 500x. These multipliers apply to straight bets on those numbers. It means that instead of a possible pay-out of 35 to 1, you can get a pay-out of 500 to 1! If you love roulette and want to win big, then Lighting Roulette is the game to play.

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If you think that roulette is the traditional high roller game of choice in Europe you are wrong, as this badge of honour goes to baccarat. Throughout history, baccarat has always been associated with opulence, sophistication and exclusivity. It’s no surprise that baccarat was the game of choice of James Bond!

The simple rules and low house edge of baccarat make it appealing to high rollers seeking a fun and easy high-stakes gaming experience. VIP and high roller baccarat tables tend to have the highest betting limits of all casino games, so this game really is the natural terrain of the casino whales, the rich and the famous.

VIP baccarat and punto banco (the most popular baccarat game variant) tables are the obvious games to select if you are a high roller. Another great option is Speed Baccarat. Speed Baccarat is a thrilling variant of the classic casino game and sees some rapid and intense betting action. In this fast-paced version of baccarat, the dealing process is accelerated, reducing the time between each round and allowing for more bets per hour. This certainly appeals to high rollers who want to place as many wagers as they can and potentially win big in a shorter amount of time.

live baccarat punto banco

Video slots

Although often overlooked by high rollers, video slots can be great as well if you are seeking some high stakes gambling action. Most online casinos offer some high limit video slots where you can get your kicks as a high roller. Don’t forget that video slots display the results of a spin almost instantly, which allows players to play numerous spins in a short time frame. This fast gameplay caters to high rollers who seek quick yet thrilling betting action, as it provides them with the opportunity to place more bets and potentially hit significant wins in a shorter amount of time. Although a $100 bet on a video slot sounds lower than a $1,000 roulette bet, you shouldn’t forget that it takes at least 10 times as long for a round of roulette to finish compared to a single video slot spin. Given that there are some slots where you can place bets as high as $1,000 or even more, you can quickly see why video slots can be highly suitable for high rollers!

If you are a high roller, you should especially look out for bonus-buy slots as they typically have the highest betting limits.

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Where to play the best high roller games

Here at we have all the information you need about high stakes gambling. With detailed guides about high limit casino games, high roller casino tips, all the latest news and trustworthy reviews, you can get access to some highly useful content for free.

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As a high roller who enjoys betting big, you have a plethora of casino games to choose from. Whether it’s the fun gameplay of blackjack, the elegance of baccarat, the excitement of roulette, or the rapid action of video slots, high rollers have a lot of options in both land-based and online casinos.

There are always some special high roller tables to choose from if you play at a premium online casino. With higher betting limits, VIP treatment, and the allure of prestige associated with these games, high rollers will certainly love these high-stakes gambling arenas.

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