Seven Tips How to Have More Fun Playing at a Casino

Joe A.
17th September, 2020

Most players have a lot of fun playing at a casino regardless whether they are winning or losing. After all, for many people in the world, gambling is a fun hobby, whether you play at a land-based casino with your mates or at an online casino from your couch at home.

Yet there are some people who somehow do not manage to have fun when playing at a land-based or online casino. This group of gamblers feels the constant pressure to rake up some profits, get quickly agitated when losing cash, and spend more money than they were actually willing (or could afford) to spend.

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Some people use gambling to escape the real world for a while. They spend hours in the casino and forget everything around them and what is happening in their lives. This may feel good at the time, but in the end, you still have to face normal life again.

In some situations, gambling can actually make things worse. We don’t think that gambling is necessarily as bad as doing drugs or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. When done responsibly, playing at a casino can be a great hobby which is nothing that different from a person spending his money on collecting stamps.

Unfortunately, there is certainly a much bigger risk involved with gambling than collecting stamps – and you should be well aware of this before going to a casino or surfing to an online casino on your smartphone. Simply put, if you lose more money than you can afford, it will have a negative effect on your life – and things can go downhill fast.

Gambling can be fun if you do it the right way, and you can certainly use gambling to escape from reality, but not to the point where it becomes your only reality. Keep in mind that this article is not intended to solve your problems. If you think you are a problem gambler and gamble more money than you can afford to lose, by all means seek professional help. Each country has an organisation like Gamblers Anonymous which can help you when gambling becomes an addiction. Another good option is to seek out help from a psychologist or your local GP, as both will be able to refer you to professional help and counselling.

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Visiting a casino is an exciting night out for many. ©Screenshot

Some bits of advice

In this article, we would rather want to give some tips to those players who do play quite a bit at land-based or online casinos, but who still sometimes feel agitated or under pressure to perform.

These basic bits of advice will help you to control your mind and make sure that gambling will remain a hobby and not a compulsive, irresistible habit. After all, playing at a casino should always remain a fun day out – and never become something which has a negative effect on your mental well-being, health or everyday life.

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Tip 1: Set a time limit

It’s easy to forget the time while you are gambling. You forget everything around you and can temporarily forget all about real life, such as having a stressful job or problems at home. Yet stepping out of reality for too long can quickly lead to problems while you are playing – as you increase the risk that you spend too much in a casino.

Casinos know this and want you to do this. Some land-based casinos even have special tricks to work on your subconsciousness to keep you gamble for longer!

The best way to combat is – and to make sure you never play longer than intended – is to simply set a time limit and alarm on your phone. When it goes off, for example after two hours, you know the fun is over and you should go home or close your online casino application. Make sure to stick to the time limits. There are plenty of other fun things to do instead. When playing at a land-based casino, why not visit the bar instead and have a drink and watch a sports game? If you are at home, why not watch some TV – or even better – socialise with your family?

Tip 2: Set a budget

If you don’t want to set a time limit, you can determine a budget. Determine the maximum amount of money you are willing (and can!) lose and stop as soon as you reach this budget. This helps you keep your losses under control and has the advantage you to better grasp which bets you place.

You may well be tempted to wager extra money after losing your budget at the casino. If you have any problems with this, simply do not bring more money to the casino. You have to stop as soon as your budget for the day is gone.

It is of course smart to take into account bet sizes. After all, if your budget is 100 dollar, your money will probably be gone pretty fast if you bet with stakes of $10. Instead, why not lower it to single dollar bets? Many casino games allow you to place bets as low as a few cents and dimes only – which includes both table games and slots.

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Tip 3: Select the right casino games

Choosing casino games is an important part. While there are generally “good” and “bad” games when it comes to house edge, some games are not for everyone. Blackjack might be a good option for a certain category of players, while for other roulette or slots is more their game. If you do play a game, make sure you do fully understand the rules and basic tactics – especially when playing table games!

Many table games have huge differences in expected returns when you compare to novice players and more experienced hands. You might think that following your intuition works best in a game of blackjack, but there is actually a standard strategy which tells you which choice you have to make for the best odds! That said, you still need luck to win – and on a long term the house will always win.

Tip 4: Compare different tables and slots

Of course, games like video slots are more random and do not require any skills. Sometimes these games do have a higher house edge, but then again, many slots do have high jackpot prizes which you won’t find at any table game. It is however always a good bet to compare RTP (Return to Player) rates of different slot machines, as they will tell you what your expected returns are. A video slot with an RTP of 95% simply means that on average, a player can expect to win 95 bucks for every 100 dollar which he or she bets. If you find a slot with a Return to Player percentage of 98%, you know that this is probably a better slot to select.

The same counts for table games. If you are a fan of blackjack – do compare the payouts! Each casino (both land-based and online) will always have a vast amount of tables, and sometimes the payout rates can differ a bit (especially those for a natural blackjack).

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Tip 5: Don’t play for a profit

Never forget the most basic rule of all casino games: the house always wins. Sure, you might be able to get a short-term profit, but if you keep returning to the casino, it is most likely that the casino will have the upper hand in the long run. You can think that one day you will have that massive winning streak at the roulette or blackjack table, or that one day you will win that mega jackpot on a slot machine. But be realistic: what are the odds? Do you expect to win the grand lottery each and every time you participate in the state lottery? No! Of course, you hope you do – but you are realistic enough about it to know the odds are small.

This should be your point of view as well when visiting the casino. Sure, going back home with a profit would be great, but it should not be your goal. Make it all about the fun – and see any winnings as an extra. For sure never rely on gambling profits to make ends meet or for it to form part of your income.

If you play at a casino purely as a hobby, it will be a more pleasant experience as you will actually appreciate the good luck streaks more and will not easily get stressed when you have a day of bad luck and won’t win anything.

Tip 6: Self-impose limits

This is a tip which works at most online casinos, as well as a handful of land-based casinos. Let’s begin with online casinos. Here you often have the option to set online limits on the dashboard of the casino website or app. You can for example say that you can only deposit a certain amount of money each month. If you set your monthly limit to $500, you will see that you will not be able to deposit any more money if halfway through the month you might have lost it all and are getting desperate to play more to recoup these losses.

At some land-based casinos you can ask the staff to only allow you entry two or three times a month only, which can help you control your urge to re-visit a casino to recoup losses. Some also allow you to impose a self-ban for a certain duration.

These are quite drastic measures and if you feel that you require such steps, we definitely recommend you to seek professional help as well as you probably have a gambling addiction.

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Tip 7: Play with friends

Our last point of advice is a simple one. Being big fans of casino gaming ourselves, we understand that part of the fun is the tension and excitement. Will you beat the house? What hand will you receive next? What card might the dealer have? Where will the roulette ball land? Sure, you can play games like blackjack, poker or roulette for free online using fake money or credits, but we understand that for some this is not the real deal as the sheer tension is missing. After all, playing with credits is completely risk-free.

A good middle ground might be to play your favourite casino game with friends at home. Why not meet with your pals for a night of poker? And instead of betting big money, you play for some small change? Or come up with a fun challenge which the loser must do? That way, you will have the same tension and excitement while playing your favourite game!

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Playing your favourite casino game should be all about having fun with friends!

We hope this tips will help you to ensure that playing a casino game will remain about the fun and excitement! Good luck!

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