10 Roulette Games Worth Trying Out

Joe A.
14th January, 2024

Here are 10 exciting roulette games worth trying if you’re seeking a slightly different approach to this classic French casino game.

Although roulette has a timeless charm, there are many variations that add a modern twist to the game, providing a fresh and engaging experience for both experienced players and newcomers alike. Each roulette game on this list offers unique features, rules, and betting options, ensuring there’s something for everyone looking to spice up their roulette adventure.

In this list, you can find many games that go well beyond the common roulette versions of European and American roulette. You’ll be introduced to some unique and innovative game variations that bring a lot of extra excitement to roulette! Whether you are a casino high roller who likes to bet big or an inexperienced player with a small bankroll, these roulette games give you the chance to win big if luck is on your side!

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Different roulette games

At online casinos across the world, you can find a lot of different roulette games, both virtual ones as well as live roulette options the live casino. If you play at the best quality online casinos, you often have the choice out of dozens of roulette variants.

From varying pay-outs to unique rules and exciting extras, each roulette variant redefines the experience and gameplay of the classical roulette. Some introduce innovative betting options, while others come with modified wheel layouts, altering the odds and adding an extra layer of anticipation to every spin. Whether it’s a twist in the game rules, a boost in pay-outs, or an exciting side feature, these roulette games are certainly worth trying out!

top 10 roulette games

1. Speed Roulette

Some gamblers think the pace of the classic roulette game is too slow. Indeed, it can take a while before all players have placed their bets on the table, for the little ball to spin around the wheel and to finally drop in one of the pockets, and for the croupier to pay out the winning bets.

If you think likewise, then Speed Roulette might be a roulette game for you. This dynamic and fast-paced roulette variation that injects a sense of speed into the traditional roulette game. As the name suggests, speed is the defining feature of this game, with rounds lasting significantly shorter than standard roulette. Typically, each betting round takes only 25 seconds, allowing players to place their bets swiftly, which keeps the game momentum high. The quick-paced nature of Speed Roulette adds an exciting element for those who enjoy quick betting and quick results.

In terms of pay-outs, Speed Roulette adheres to the standard roulette paytable, offering the familiar options of betting on numbers, colours, or combinations. The game’s primary allure lies in its rapid pace rather than alterations to the pay-out structure.

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2. Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette offers a unique twist to the standard roulette game by downsizing the traditional roulette wheel and table. Unlike the standard 37 (European and French Roulette) or 38 numbered pockets (American Roulette), Mini Roulette has a wheel with only 13 pockets. These are the numbers 1 through 12 and a single zero. The reduced number of options not only makes the game visually distinctive, but it does of course also alter the odds and pay-out structure.

With only 13 pockets, the odds of hitting specific numbers are notably different compared to the classic roulette game, creating a whole new dynamic. Given the smaller number of pockets, the odds of winning on a specific number are higher, but the pay-outs are adjusted accordingly and are lower than they are in a classic roulette game.

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3. Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette introduces a thrilling and innovative twist to the traditional game by using, as the name suggests, two balls instead of one! With each spin, there are now two balls spinning through the wheel. This unique feature significantly changes the dynamics of each round, offering players new betting opportunities and heightened excitement. With two balls in play, there’s an increased chance of hitting multiple winning numbers on a single spin, creating a more dynamic and unpredictable gameplay experience. This alteration not only adds an extra layer of suspense, but also opens up possibilities for more complex betting strategies.

In terms of pay-outs, Double Ball Roulette has a completely different pay-out table compared to classic roulette. That’s not a surprise, given that you now have twice the chance of winning a straight-up bet. However, compared to the classic roulette game there are new betting options too, as you can now bet on both balls landing on a specific numbers, colour, or combination. The game is particularly appealing to those seeking a novel take on roulette, combining the familiar elements of traditional gameplay with the thrill of increased winning possibilities.

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4. Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is live casino game variant made by Evolution Gaming. It takes the traditional roulette experience to a whole new level with the incorporation of lucky numbers which are randomly drawn each round. These numbers receive multiplier values from 50x to 500x, and are applied to the winning bets on those specific numbers, leading to significantly boosted pay-outs. This feature adds an exciting and potentially highly lucrative twist to the game, offering the potential for substantial winnings.

The visual presentation of Lightning Roulette is also noteworthy, featuring dynamic lighting effects and a modern studio design. This not only enhances the overall gaming atmosphere but it also contributes to the game’s immersive appeal. While Lightning Roulette maintains the core rules of traditional roulette, the introduction of random multipliers and the visually captivating presentation make it a great choice for players seeking another take on roulette in the live casino.

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5. Multi Wheel Roulette

Just like there are two roulette balls in them game of Double Ball Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette is a game that features multiple wheels on your screen! In this version, players place their bets on a standard roulette layout, but their bets are then replicated across several wheels simultaneously. Typically, this game can involve up to eight wheels spinning at once, multiplying the potential outcomes and opportunities for wins. The simultaneous rotation of multiple wheels adds a layer of complexity and anticipation to the game. Even if the first wheels don’t give the desired outcome, you still may end up winning something!

In terms of pay-outs, Multi-Wheel Roulette maintains the standard roulette paytable, but the increased number of wheels means that players have the chance to win across multiple spins simultaneously. While it can lead to more frequent wins, it also introduces a higher level of risk.

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Other interesting roulette games

Besides the five roulette games mentioned above, also the following five games are well-worth seeking out. However, these roulette games can be harder to find, as not every online casino will have added them to their gaming library.

6. Gold Vault Roulette

Gold Vault Roulette, made by Evolution Gaming, is a live casino game in which each spin sees between 5 and 20 Gold Bars, each carrying a 50x multiplier, being placed on the roulette table. Winning the Super Gold Bar is worth an astonishing 500x multiplier.

7. Slingo Roulette

This roulette variant merges elements of roulette with the popular Slingo game, which in itself is a combination between a video slot and bingo. If you regularly play slots or bingo, you’ll most likely love this hybrid roulette game.

8. Super Stake Roulette

This live casino roulette game, developed by the Dutch software studio Stakelogic Live, shares similarities with Lightning Roulette as it incorporates significant multipliers for specific numbers on the table in each spin. The highest multiplier is a whopping 5000x!

9. Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

With an oversized bonus slot on the wheel, players have the chance to win a free bonus spin at Triple Bonus Spin Roulette, adding an extra layer of excitement and potential winnings.

10. Monopoly Roulette: Hot Properties

This Barcrest game brings the iconic Monopoly theme to roulette, and features additional bonuses, multipliers and extra betting options.

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There are a number of interesting roulette games you can play if you are tired of the classic game variants of American and European Roulette. Whether it’s the fast-paced action of Speed Roulette, the unique dynamics of Mini Roulette, or the high pay-outs of Lightning Roulette, these games all have their qualities. The roulette variations showcased here underscore the ability of the game of roulette to stay fresh and engaging.

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