How To Receive Free Spins At An Online Casino?

Joe A.
25th March, 2021

How do you receive free spins on a video slot at an online casino? This question is asked by many gamblers from across the world. Free spins are among the most sought after freebies and bonuses handed out by casinos on the internet and can turn out to be highly valuable if you manage to win a great prize with them. In this article, we explain how you obtain free spins and how you can get the most out of them!

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Free spins bonus

Many online casinos hand out free spins bonuses. These are mostly given to new players in the form of a welcome bonus (sometimes called a sign-up bonus or registration bonus as well). This bonus might look obvious at first sight.

You might read a promo campaign which says: “Sign up for a new account today at casino XX and receive 10 free spins!” Alternatively, an online casino might advertise with a message like: “Deposit at least 100 euro and receive 50 free spins!”

If you play at a reliable, reputable online casino such as the ones which we reviewed on our website, you can rest assured that these offers are indeed genuine and legit. You will indeed receive free spins, either upon signing up for a new account or upon your first deposit.

receive free spins bonus

You can win some great prizes with free spins without having to deposit any of your own money!

Terms and conditions

But before you sign up to receive these free spins, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Online casinos give free spins a certain value by attaching terms and conditions to them. As a rule of thumb, it is often the case that the more free spins you might earn, the less favourable the terms and conditions are.

Similarly, the more you have to do to claim the free spins bonus, the more likely it is that the terms and conditions will be more favourable. Generally speaking, a free spins bonus for which you just have to sign up to register for a free account will see more strict terms and conditions than a bonus which you will receive after making a deposit to your online casino account. This is why it is important to know how you can best unlock a free spins bonus and whether these are worth collecting.

The bit in the terms and conditions you should especially watch out for are the wagering requirements. This bit details how much times you have to wage the money won with your free spins before you can unlock the full amount and cash it out. Do note that sometimes a number of casino games are excluded from the wagering requirements. Although slots almost always counts toward them, it could for example be the case that some bets on roulette or blackjack are excluded.

Generally speaking, a wagering requirement of 35x is the industry standard. If the wagering requirement is (much) higher the terms and conditions are rather strict and it is not considered to be a good deal.

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Ways to Receive Free Spins

These are the most common free spins bonuses which are handed out by online casinos on the internet:

– No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is as the name implies: a bonus which you will receive without needing to make a qualifying deposit. These bonuses are very popular among players who do not want to take too much risk or those who are not yet familiar with the world of online casinos. In practice, it can be an online casino which gives away free spins if you sign up for a free casino account, with the free spins being added to your account after completing the registration process.

– Deposit Bonus

A bonus for which you have to make a deposit first. A casino might for example offer you 200 free spins on a certain video slot if you make a qualifying deposit. The terms and conditions will always tell you what you must do in order to receive the free spins. For example, a casino might have a bonus which reads: “Deposit 200 euro and receive 200 free spins”. It means that if you deposit at least 200 euro to your online casino account, you will receive 200 free spins for free on top of it as a bonus!

– Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is a welcome gift which is given to new players at an online casino. The welcome bonus can come in many different forms. It can be either a non-deposit bonus or a deposit bonus, or perhaps even both! Another term for this bonus is a registration bonus, which also implies that you can only receive this bonus if you sign up for the first time as a new customer at an online casino.

– Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is actually a deposit bonus for registered casino players who are already playing for a while longer at the online casino in question. It is meant to entice players to top up their online casino account with some more money and to gamble more. In return, the player will receive a nice bonus as a token of appreciation by the casino. A free spins reload bonus might for example read: “Reload your account with 100 euro and receive 50 free spins”. In this case, depositing at least 100 euro to your online casino bankroll will give you a bonus of 50 free spins on top of it!

– VIP Bonus

Good online casinos always want to give back something back to their most loyal players. Frequent players who make regular deposits are considered loyal players and are often rewarded by these casinos with an extra free spins bonus. These bonus offers are often specially targeted and not publicly announced, as the exact details are only communicated by email or through the casino’s own messaging system if you log in to your account.

Free spins can also be handed out through VIP or loyalty programs. If you reach a certain level in the loyalty program, you might automatically earn free spins every month. Therefore it is always worth it to select an online casino which offers such a VIP or loyalty programme.

receive free spins bonus

Read the fine print

Before you register with a new online casino or apply for any kind of bonus, it is important that you first carefully review the conditions which are attached to the bonus. Although they may not seem that important at first, they determine how much effort it takes to clear the wagering requirements attached to the free spins bonus. The wagering requirements, possible game restrictions, winning limits and many more small details can make or break a bonus offer.

Some casino bonuses which might not seem the best deals around might in fact be absolutely great because the terms and conditions are gracious and the wagering requirements are easy to clear. The other way around, you may find out that some of the highest casino bonus offers might in fact not be so good at all. It is often the case that the casinos which promise you the highest amount of free spins or the highest monetary bonus do have the most strict terms and conditions as well.

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Play for free

If you are solely looking to try out video slots before depositing money to an online casino and to gamble for real, do remember that there are other ways to do this besides free spins bonus offers.

Many online casinos allow people who register for a free account to test video slots for free! You play with credits or ‘fake money’ and you can play as many times as you want on the slot. This way, you can search for your favourite video slot, practice your skills, or just have some good old fun! If you want to play video slots online just for fun, it is certainly not necessary to seek out free spins bonuses as almost every video slot in existence has such a free test mode.

Of course, if you decide that you want to play for real and start gambling some money, by all means do seek out a good free spins bonus as this will give you a head start. After all, why wouldn’t you say no to a welcome offer of 50 free spins?


Now that you have received some tips about receiving a free spins bonus and have a better understanding of the whole procedure, it is time to start playing for real. Select the best possible online casino with the best possible free spins bonus, sign up, and claim your free spins today! Check out our list of recommended online casinos (all fully licenced by the respective national gambling authorities) and receive your free spins right away!

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