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Poker is an ancient card game that is popular with casino gamers all around the world. A timeless game of chance, personality and strategy, live online poker is much loved by casino players for a reason. Most commonly played in the Texas hold’em style, live online poker is an exciting game of chance that allows for plenty of strategy and risk-taking by the player. Poker is a game of probability and numbers that has come to exemplify high-risk, high-limit, high-octane and high-strategy casino table gaming. Because poker is such an interactive game, it has translated perfectly to the live online casino setting. Live online poker is the perfect game for high-rollers and high-limit gamers because of the competitive, risky and highly strategic nature of the game. Poker is built on fronts, bluffs, calculation and numerical reasoning in the face of sheer chance. These days, there are hundreds of online venues where you can play high-quality live online poker at break-neck pace, wherever and whenever you please. The majority of reputable online casinos will offer live poker games in which you can interact with professional dealers and all sorts of passionate, high-limit casino players from around the world. Before you step into the live online poker arena, it is essential that you accustom yourself with the game of poker and some of the probabilities and strategies involved. The key to playing live online poker is knowing how to play and which strategy to employ with any given hand. on this page, we will introduce you to the thrilling world of live online high-limit poker and give you the inside scoop on some of the best online casinos for poker. Let’s start the game!

How to Play Poker

Poker is a game firmly rooted in gambling (a game of chance) but which has evolved to become a thrilling game of skill. The game itself is vast and it presents itself in many forms and variations across the world. The most common variation of live online poker, and the one we will focus on today, is Texas Hold’Em, the famous card game that has taken the world by storm. It is a challenging game in which players must rely on the grace of good luck as well as strategy, deception, tactical thinking and sheer skill to win. It is an exciting and timeless casino game that continues to thrill and delight casino players in the live online format.

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Poker is an interactive game that relies on interplay between players, so whilst any number of players can technically play, the typical number of players in a live online poker game will be between 2 and 10. In one of the most common variations called ‘five card draw,’ each player is dealt five cards by the dealer. In Texas Hold’Em, each player is dealt two cards face-down, or ‘blind.’ The value of your initial hand (or ‘flop’) will determine your first bet and long-term strategy in the game, so before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s first examine some typical poker hands listed by their value from highest to lowest:

  • Straight Flush: Five cards of identical suits in numerical order. A Royal Flush is the best possible hand in poker (10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit).
  • Four of a Kind: Four same-ranking cards.
    Full House:Three same-ranking cards and a pair of the same card.
  • Flush: Five cards of the same suit.
  • Flush: Five cards in numerical sequence.
  • Three of a kind: Three same-ranking cards
  • Two pair: Two pairs of cards of matching rank.
  • One pair: Two cards of matching rank.
  • High card: Any combination of cards. The highest card in the hand has the most value.

Once you have judged the value of your hand, it’s time to get going and place your first bet. Each player at the table will place a bet based on the initial value of their hand, and either ‘call,’ ‘raise’ or ‘fold’ in response to the other bets.

This is where trickery and bluffing can come into play. With each turn of the 4th and 5th cards, (called the ‘turn’ and the ‘river’) more bets are placed as initial hands are either strengthened or weakened. In this respect, poker is a highly volatile game in which the tables can turn at the flip of a card. At the end of the game, remaining players will be asked to show their cards. The player with the best hand wins and will be entitled to the entire pot (the accumulation of all previous bets).

The Rules of Live Online Poker

While it might seem a little intimidating to take your seat at the live online poker table, it is important to remember that once you know the rules of poker, you’re good to go. Now that we have had a look at the basics of how to play and the value of typical poker hands, it’s time to get a little deeper into the actual rules and regulations the game.

When a player first takes a seat at a game of live online poker, they must ‘buy-in.’ The value of a buy-in is usually a minimum of 10 times the maximum betting value for that game. Poker is played with one deck of cards, which consisting of 52 cards. A poker hand consists of five cards, two of which are dealt blind in the flop. When rounds of betting occur, you can either ‘call’ (match the required bet), ‘raise’ (extend the value) or ‘fold’ (eliminate yourself from the game). The winner of a poker game will always be the remaining player with the best hand. The winner receives the full total of the pot.

Most often, live online poker games will impose limits on players. A ‘No Limit’ game enables each player to bet or raise to a value of any amount within their stack of chips. A ‘Pot Limit’ game only allows a player to place a bet to a maximum value that equals that of the pot, while a ‘Fixed Limit’ value game restricts players to a pre-determined limit decided by the players, dealer or house.

Purpose of Live Online Poker

The purpose of live online poker is to win the pot and hold the best hand of cards. The way in which this is achieved depends on the player. Whilst some may see the purpose of the game as ‘eliminating’ other players through long bluffs and strategic plays, others may approach the game in a defensive way, bowing out of rounds early and betting sparingly. No matter how your playing style may impact on your own personal evaluation of poker’s purpose, there is no question that the basic objective of any poker player is to make sure to have the best hand possible.

Live Online Poker Probabilities

Live online poker probabilities are endless, and it is the baffling numerical complexity of poker odds and probabilities that can put some people off. It’s important to remember that poker is one of the most fun, rewarding and exciting games that you can play live online. It is well worth getting your head around the numbers of poker, which may prove easier than you expect. Online odds and game probability calculators enable players to discreetly calculate the odds of their hand, which takes a lot of pressure off of players who don’t want to do the math in their heads. It also levels the playing field for inexperienced players who may be going up against card sharks with years of experience.

Because the odds change as the game goes on, the probabilities of poker are always changing. This is why a firm knowledge of the deck and the number of cards on the table is so important in live online poker.
A deck contains 52 cards. It’s made up of 4 suits, each of which is ranked by numerals and royal cards (2-10, Ace, Jack, Queen and King). The basic probabilities of certain poker hands appearing are listed below:

Royal Flush0.000154%
Straight Flush0.00139%
Four of a Kind0.0240%
Full House0.1441%
Three of a kind2.1128%
Two pair4.7539%
One Pair42.2569%
High card50.1177%


Live Online Poker Strategies

Poker is a mathematical game of chance, and there is plenty of room for multi-faceted player strategy at the table. Whilst the probabilities of hands and poker strategy may be intimidating to new players, it is important to remember that live online poker enables users to establish the odds of hands much easier than ever before. Many live online poker platforms enable players to use odds calculators, which can enhance the capacity for strategic thinking. Whether you choose to play aggressively, defensively, cautiously or recklessly, there is always an approach that can be taken to achieve success at the table and take home the winnings when you have a clear head and strategy in mind.

The Bluff

The Bluff is perhaps the most ballsy and deceptive strategy that one can take at the live online poker table, however, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular tactics taken by many poker players. By hiding or faking reactive emotional cues to bets, turns and card reveals, (subconscious physical responses known as ‘tells’), crafty players may be able to influence the bets of other players and alter the outcome of the game. Bluffs are designed to convince other players of the opposite of what is true, that is, convincing them that you have the highest hand at the table when really you have nothing. Bluffing is an effective but risky live online poker strategy that relies less on numerical emphasis and more on the emotions and body language of your opponents.

Play it Tight & Defensive

This is a reserved, composed and defensive strategy that is designed with longevity and safety in mind. Playing it ‘tight’ and defensively is basically giving yourself an insurance policy by playing poker as responsibly as possible. By playing as few hands as possible and only capitalizing on hands with a high potential of a win (playing ‘tight’), players stand a higher chance of making it through each round with their stack intact.

The negative aspect of this strategy lies in its safety—that is, a lot of poker lies in chance, and it is harder to make the most out of luck if you are not taking as many chances. Tight poker players may also be easier to read by table sharks and aggressive players looking to take advantage of ‘tells’ and repetitive plays such as predictable folds and raises. Nevertheless, tight play remains one of the safest strategies to ensure you take some of your stack home and remain hanging onto the table until the bitter end.

Play it Loose & Aggressive

Playing it ‘loose’ and aggressively is basically the opposite of playing it tight and defensively. With this strategy, players will aggressively play as many hands as possible, looking to wear their opponents down and expose weaknesses, playing patterns and behaviours of other players which can then be taken advantage of in further rounds. It is the strategy that holds the most risk and reward, encompassing bluffing tactics with numerical trickery, odds gauging and card knowledge. Going ‘all-in’ may be the riskiest and most exciting moment in a live online poker game, but it sure is worth it when it pays off.

High-Limit Live Online Poker

Live Online Poker is perfectly suited to high-limit, high-octane gaming because it is such a complex, risky and rewarding game. There are now hundreds of online casino sites dedicated to offering the finest high-limit poker experience available. The best thing is, it has never been easier to enter into high-value games at the drop of a hat. Or should it be the swipe of a screen? The best online casinos offer premium quality live poker options that are tailor-made to suit high-rollers, heavy hitters and those looking to play high-stakes poker at white-knuckle level. These options include exclusive high-limit games, VIP tables with professional dealer service and high minimum buy-ins.

While live online poker may undoubtedly be best suited to high-rollers and high-limit poker connoisseurs, it is by no means exclusive to high-stakes players. Live online poker is perhaps the most popular and accessible casino card game of them all, and it is played by a massive variety of players. In this respect, poker is a truly accessible and inclusive casino game that is best suited to the live online platform where it can be enjoyed by players of every budget. Because poker is all down to chance and luck in the end, one never can tell who will get the upper hand. It is more than possible for the low-stakes underdog to snatch the winnings from under the nose of the high-rolling professional poker champion. This unpredictability and volatility is what makes poker such an exciting and heart-racing casino game.

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Live Online Poker

Live Online Poker has never before been so immersive and interactive, with technological advances enabling high-speed connections, instant live chat and live table feeds to the finest casinos all around the world. This enables discerning poker players to interact with skilled and passionate players and to play with the finest professional dealers in the industry.

Live online poker has never been more popular, and it’s never been easier to find your perfect table for you. Want to get a seat at a big game and get into the action instantly? No problem. You will find a whole host of dedicated online casinos offering thrilling live online poker games and cutting-edge new variations of the game to be played live and interactively. The most fantastic thing about the live online poker boom is that it is now possible to experience a luxury poker experience live, up close and personal wherever and whenever you want. Live Online Poker is now available on both desktop and mobile, so you can enjoy a live game of poker anytime and anywhere.

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History of Poker

Poker is said to date back as far back as the 10th century when it first established its roots as a regal Chinese domino-card game. Others trace its ancestry back to 16th century Persia and the ancient card game called ‘As Nas.’ One thing is for certian—the earliest descendant of modern poker as we know it is the French game ‘Poque,’ which was first made widely popular in France and wider Europe in the mid-to-late 17th century. It was later developed into the game we know and love today in the United States of the 19th century.

The game snowballed in popularity in the following years, peaking with the boom of high-stakes poker tournament gaming and the establishment of the World Series of Poker in 1970. The game experienced somewhat of a renaissance in the early to mid-noughties in the United States, with a rise in the popularity of no-limit Texas hold’ em tournaments and the televising of live poker tournaments and grand slams featuring celebrities, professional players and famed high-limit poker champions.

Over the years, there have been many variations of the classic poker format, and the game remains ever-changing as time goes by. Some of the most popular poker variations that have been developed include the ever-popular Texas hold’em (which has even gained dominance over classic poker), seven-card stud and five-card draw.

Today, poker remains one of the most popular games in the world and a game that is loved and cherished by both hardcore enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

Live Online Poker: The King of Casino Games

Live Online Poker combines the best in casino gaming with the best of live and interactive live online casino action. Poker is a complex game with multiple skill levels that can be mastered or fluked. Because it is as much of a game of luck and chance as it is a game of skill, poker remains an elusive, exciting and fluid casino game that never fails to keep you entertained. Once you have learned the rules and established the values and probabilities of certain hands and card combinations, the world of live online poker really is your oyster.

Because there are now so many online casinos with whole sites dedicated to the hottest live online poker action, it has never been easier to jump into the deep end and take your seat at a poker table of your choosing. There has been a huge increase in live online poker players in recent years, along with a massive increase of live online poker platforms offering the best in thrilling high-stakes poker matchups.

The choice of live online poker platforms and the variety of games offered by online casinos is unparalleled, and it has never been easier for poker players to do what they do best. Many current live online poker platforms and online casino sites have emulated real-world premium casino poker play almost perfectly, enabling players to interact with the dealer and other players whilst fully immersing themselves in the atmosphere and dynamics of the live game. Live chat, live feed and streaming options really have opened up the box and brought a whole new dynamic to the poker universe.

The quality of graphics and interfacing on live online poker platforms has never been better, and it is simply a joy to play poker on many of the premium high-limit online casinos you can find reviewed on our site. By relying on the best games and content from the finest tech, software and gaming providers in the online casino industry, many casino providers have enabled poker lovers of every inclination and budget to get the best out of the game and get access to the finest quality live online poker in the world.

These days, any reputable online casino will be tested and proven fair, and all must adhere to casino operating regulations to remain in business. Whilst there are always some bad apples in every barrel, you can rest assured that your live online poker experience will be safe, secure and enjoyable as long as you read up on your chosen site before playing. We recommend sticking with the tried and tested favourites you’ll find on our site.

If you are a high-roller looking for the best in live online casino action, you really are spoilt for choice. The majority of online casinos offer generous bonuses and extra accommodating promotions to higher-limit gamers, so you can rest assured that if you are good to live online poker, live online poker will be good to you too.