High Roller Gambling Tips

Joe A.
1st February, 2023

These are our top 10 tips to help you improve your gambling skills and results as a casino high roller. If you consider yourself a high roller, there are definitely some ways how you can play more effective and get better results while playing at a land-based or online casino.

Whether you prefer to play live casino games, virtual table games, video poker or slots, there is always some room for improvement when it comes to your gambling skills. However, it’s not only gambling skills that matter. Having a good overall awareness of the casino world and knowing about all opportunities are equally important. Being a professional gambler is not only about being an expert at your preferred casino game, it also means you should know all the ins and outs about casinos.

Are you a casino whale who loves to bet big? Then read on and discover our top 10 high roller tips!

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Top 10 high roller tips

Before we discuss our top 10 high roller tips, it’s necessary to define the term “high roller”. A high roller, also known as a whale or casino VIP, is a term used to describe someone who gambles with large sums of money at casinos. These players seek out special high limit tables where they can bet large amounts of money.

There are lots of different high rollers in the casino world. Obviously, many high rollers are extremely wealthy, having a disposable income that runs into the multiple millions or even billions of dollars. High rollers are often successful businessmen, although an increasingly large share of them are celebrities such as sportsmen, actors, musicians and other artists.

It’s not as well defined how much money you should bet in order to be seen as a casino high roller. At some exclusive casinos in places like Vegas or Monaco, the amount is typically much higher than your average online casino. Placing a bet of $1,000 might not stand out in the VIP section of an exclusive land-based casino, but it can already be considered as an extremely high amount at an online casino.

Regardless of your average bet size and gambling budget, these 10 high roller tips will hopefully be useful to you when playing your favourite casino games.

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Maximise high roller perks

Being a high roller is all about getting exclusive perks from the casino. It won’t come as a surprise that a casino loves players who bet big sums of money. These casinos want nothing more than to retain these lucrative players and keep them satisfied. As a high roller, you can therefore expect to be showered with exclusive gifts, bonuses and special perks.

These are our top tips for high rollers when it comes to special casino perks:

1. Negotiate with the casino

If you are a true high roller you should remember that you have a lot of leverage. Especially if you have a proven track record at a casino (when you have played there before, betting big amounts of money) you can use your position to negotiate all kinds of special perks. This is both the case at land-based and online casinos. Whether you play online or at a land-based casino, you should be able to get your own VIP account and service manager. This person will function as your direct contact at the casino and through him or her you can negotiate all kinds of perks and benefits.

As a high roller you can also get exclusive access to special tournaments, complimentary gifts and in the case of land-based casinos free food, drinks and accommodation.

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2. Get higher limits

Another casino perk for high rollers is being able to get higher limits. Maximum betting limits at certain table games can be waved for high rollers, allowing you to bet even higher amounts of money. At online casinos, you can get higher deposit and withdrawal limits than officially advertised. Moreover, you should certainly expect and ask for your pay-outs to be prioritised.

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Casino bonuses

Although casino bonuses are sometimes overlooked by high rollers who are awash in cash and don’t really need them, they can be a great way to improve your bankroll. However, it is important that you look at casino bonuses from a high roller perspective and not from the point of view of an average gambler. In particular, we would recommend the following bonus tips for high roller casino players:

3. Find lucrative cashback bonuses

Although welcome bonuses can certainly be nice, most high rollers won’t get enthusiastic about a $1,000 deposit bonus. For many players this is a gigantic sum of money, but for high rollers who bet $1,000 in a single round of roulette it will certainly be less impressive. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any suitable high roller bonuses.

If there is one particular bonus that is suitable for high rollers, it is the cashback bonus. There are online casinos where you can get a cashback bonus of up to 10 or even 20%. For example, if you have a 10% cashback bonus deal at a certain casino and lose $10,000 – you will get 10% (that’s $1,000) of those losses redeposited in your account. Although a cashback bonus is great for each and every casino player, it is the high roller who can get the most benefits out of it! We therefore recommend you to search for online casinos where you can get a great cashback bonus.

high roller tips

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4. Go on a bonus hunt

Don’t forget that as a high roller, you can sometimes get exclusive, unadvertised bonus deals as well at many online casinos. As always, it doesn’t do any harm to inquire with your dedicated casino manager what the possibilities are.

In a similar way, it can be worth it to seek out big deposit bonuses at multiple online casinos. Although multi-millionaires will probably not bother with it, it can be worthwhile for high rollers with a smaller bankroll. After all, if you bet big you will have no difficulty at all clearing the wagering requirements of any deposit bonus. Within hours or perhaps days, you can easily play through the wagering requirements to cash out multiple deposit bonuses at different online casinos.

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Loyalty programmes

Casino loyalty programmes are always worth seeking out. Whether you are a small-time gambler or a high roller, there is always some value you can get out of such loyalty schemes.

5. Find a casino with a great loyalty programme

Casino loyalty programmes allow you to earn special perks, freebies, gifts, bonuses and many other benefits. The more you bet, the more points you earn in the loyalty programme. These points can then be exchanged for gifts or casino benefits. Just like frequent flyer programmes and other reward schemes, casino loyalty programmes usually have different tiers. Only the biggest high rollers will qualify for the top tier in these casino reward programmes.

The exact benefits which you can get out of a casino rewards programme depend on the exact online casino you play at and the way how the programme is structured. Some casino loyalty programmes are unfortunately rather limited in scope when it comes to the benefits you can earn, while other casinos might shower you with all kinds of amazing gifts. We have seen online casinos handing out Ferrari sport cars and all-inclusive luxury holidays to the highest ranking gamblers in such loyalty programmes!

Make sure you compare different online casinos to see what kind of possible benefits and gifts you can earn.

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Casino games

As a high roller, you have to be selective when it comes to the casino games you play. Not every casino game is suitable for high rollers. Although you should of course first and foremost select a casino game that you love to play, it is important to note that some games are better suited for high rollers.

Moreover, not every table in a casino is suitable for high rollers. As you surely now, there are a lot of low-limit tables where high rollers will probably not get their kicks due to the rather low maximum betting limits. These are our top tips when it comes to high roller casino games:

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6. Play the right casino games

If you love high stakes casino action and want to bet big, it’s important to realise that some games are better suited for this. Video slots are often ignored by high rollers as many slots have low maximum betting limits. However, there are many video slots where you can actually get your kicks as a high roller. Some slots allow you to raise your bet size to $100 or even more. That might seem low, but given the fact that a spin takes just seconds you can actually bet a lot of money in a short timeframe. Moreover, there are also video slots with bonus-buy options where you can bet up to $10,000 or more!

Many high rollers do however prefer table games above video slots. It’s important to note that some games generally have higher maximum betting limits than others. Especially baccarat is known for having high maximum betting limits, followed by roulette and blackjack.

high roller tips

7. Find tables and games with high limits

If you want to play a casino table game like baccarat, blackjack or roulette, it’s highly important that you select the right table. You want to avoid normal tables with low maximum betting limits and go straight to the special VIP or high roller tables where you can bet up to $10,000 per turn or even more! Some casinos even have highly exclusive, secret tables where you can bet even higher amounts. Before you select a table you should always check whether the betting limits are a good fit for you.

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Other high roller tips

We have three other high roller tips that don’t really belong in the above categories, but are still important enough to mention. Let’s take a look at our last three tips for high rollers:

8. Budget control

Some high rollers may think that they don’t have to do budget control as they are loaded with cash, but this is something which we wouldn’t particularly recommend. Even millionaire gamblers can lose all oversight while gambling and end up spending more money in a casino than they actually planned to do. Although losing a large part of your bankroll might be more consequential for a small-time gambler than a casino whale, that doesn’t mean that you should allow this to happen as a high roller.

It’s always a good idea to set yourself a limit how long you want to play and what the maximum amount of money is you are prepared to lose. This is especially smart if you want to improve your gambling results. After all, gambling is as much about minimalizing your losses during a bad-luck streak as it is about making a big profit when Lady Luck is at your side. Smart gamblers know when to stop and when to go all-in.

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9. Don’t be afraid to switch

Sometimes it can be a great idea to shake up things. If you aren’t getting the right gambling results playing a certain casino game, it might perhaps be the right opportunity to move to a different table or to try out something different entirely.

Moreover, you should always be prepared to switch to a different casino. If you think you are not being treated right as a high roller at a certain casino, why not make the switch to a different one? Remember that as a high roller you should be entitled to special benefits and a VIP treatment at any land-based or online casino you visit. Make sure you are playing at the casino where you get most value out of your money!

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10. Remember the golden casino rule

Gambling can be an exciting activity that brings a lot of fun. Indeed, the reason why most high rollers love to gamble isn’t necessarily because they dream about winning big. Although winning is always great, most high rollers do not actually need the gambling profits as they are already rich enough. For high rollers, gambling is more about the sheer excitement and the fun trying to chase a big casino win.

Because of this, high rollers can however be vulnerable and end up spending way too much money in a casino. That is especially the case when they keep on playing after making significant losses thinking that they will surely hit the big jackpot sooner than later. Even high rollers should not forget the golden casino rule: In the end, the house always wins. The casino will always have a mathematical advantage over the player. No matter how much you bet and how good you are as a gambler, it is impossible to overcome the casino’s house advantage. Always try to keep this in mind when playing as you are less likely to make mistakes and to lose money.

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High roller tips conclusion

With our high roller tips, you can hopefully improve your game while playing at a land-based or online casino. It’s perhaps most important to realise that you are in an advantageous position as a high roller. As one of the top customers at a casino, you literally hold all the cards as you are in a position to negotiate some fantastic benefits, bonuses and preferential treatment.

It’s always a good idea to check what kind of benefits you can get as a high roller at different online casinos. Take a look at our overview of the best online casinos for high rollers to see what these top-quality casinos have to offer!

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