The Best High Roller Casino Tips

Joe A.
4th September, 2023

With our special high roller casino tips you can make the most out of your online casino play. These tips will not only help you to become a better gambler, they will also ensure that your entire playing experience at an online casino will be more pleasant and smooth.

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Generally, high rollers consider themselves to be experienced gamblers. A high roller often feels that he or she doesn’t even need online casino tips, thinking they know it all. However, we see time after time high rollers making unforced errors while playing casino games and overlooking some key online casino aspects and benefits that could really help them along.

Are you a high roller with a big bank roll who loves to bet big? Put your pride aside and let’s take a look at our top high roller casino tips!

high roller online casino tips

Play in a land-based or online casino?

Although you may think that high rollers primarily play in the exclusive VIP areas of land-based casinos, this isn’t entirely true. Sure, being avid gamblers, most high rollers do love to play in the most well-regarded casinos of the world such as those in Las Vegas, Macau or Monaco. However, because high rollers usually have busy lives they can’t always visit such a casino. That’s where the online casino comes in handy!

You might be surprised to learn that the big high rollers and VIPs visit the same online casinos as the regular Joes do. After all, gambling at an online casino means that the activities of these high rollers stays anonymous for the public. The online casino in question will surely know they are dealing with a big high roller or casino VIP, but nobody else apart from casino management will know.

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High roller tips for online casino

If you are a high roller or VIP and want to play at an online casino, you really shouldn’t expect to be treated the same way as any other gambler. Of course, you deserve a special high roller or casino VIP treatment! At online casinos, this is no different than the land-based casinos of Las Vegas or Monaco.

However, many VIPs or high rollers fail to take this into account. One of our most important high roller casino tips is therefore to make sure your presence is known! As a high roller at an online casino, you can get special perks, higher betting limits and priority withdrawals, to name a few benefits.

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Chase exclusive online casino perks

High rollers in land-based casinos, especially in iconic destinations like Las Vegas, can enjoy a host of exclusive benefits. As a VIP player, you often receive lavish perks, including free accommodation in luxurious suites and private lounges, personal concierge services, complimentary fine dining experiences at world-class restaurants, and front-row tickets to the most famous entertainment shows.

If you are used to such VIP behaviour when playing at the world’s most famous casinos, it’s foolish to think that you can’t receive the same attention online. Indeed, if you are a big high roller or a  VIP, you should definitely expect the same treatment when you visit an online casino!

As you are gambling from home when you visit an online casino and aren’t physically there on a casino floor, you of course won’t get any free drinks or accommodation thrown in. However, online casinos have other perks by which they reward high rollers. For example, you can get exclusive, unadvertised bonuses as a high roller at some online casinos. These can be weekly deposit bonuses or even cashback bonuses. It’s also not uncommon for online casinos to give their VIPs and high rollers access to special events. For example, you might get an invite for an exclusive poker tournament with the casino paying for your buy-in, or you might get free tickets for an important sports match or big concert!

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Ask for higher betting limits

There are many extra benefits you can ask for at an online casino if you are a real high roller. The most obvious – and probably the most important – are high betting limits. One of our top casino tips is that you should always ensure that you play at a casino where the betting limits suit your needs as a high roller.

If you visit an online casino, you might of course think that a maximum betting limit of $1,000 at a blackjack, baccarat or roulette game is a bit low if you want to play for even greater amounts of money. Fortunately, there are many online casinos that are willing to raise this limit for you! Higher betting limits are usually an unpublished benefit – and you will have to contact the casino for this.

Many online casinos are willing to raise your betting limits if you can prove you are a VIP or high roller, for example by depositing a substantial amount of money on your online casino account. However, it will definitely help if you have already played for a while longer at a certain casino. This way, you have a clear track record of being a serious and responsible high roller, which raises your chances of getting higher betting limits and other casino benefits.

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Make use of self-imposed limits

Even for high rollers with substantial bankrolls, implementing self-imposed limits on their online casino accounts remains important. These limits, such as daily maximum loss limits or weekly deposit limits, serve as a safeguard against impulsive or emotionally driven gambling decisions. They provide a structured and disciplined approach to gambling and it will help high rollers maintain control over their finances. While it might appear that high rollers have ample funds and can therefore take financial risks, the unpredictable nature of gambling can still lead to significant losses without such limits in place.

Don’t forget that when it comes to gambling risks, there is no real difference between certain high rollers who are awash in money and someone with a low income. For a person who might earn $1,200 a month, gambling with $400 would be risky as it’s a big chunk of his monthly income. Of course, a high roller can easily risk $400 in a casino, but that’s not the amount of money they take into a casino. A high roller with 1 million dollar on his bank account might easily spend $50,000 or more in a casino. If he isn’t careful, he might end up betting and losing the same percentage of his money as a low-limit gambler!

These self-imposed limits really act as a tool to protect high rollers from falling into the trap of chasing losses, a common mistake in the world of gambling. Even the most experienced players can go through a long losing streak, and when emotions take over, the desire to recover losses quickly can lead to reckless bets. By setting predefined betting limits, high rollers can mitigate this risk. These limits are therefore not a sign of weakness but a smart and responsible approach to gambling that allows high rollers to enjoy their online casino experience with peace of mind, knowing that they won’t risk more than they are willing to lose.

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Get priority withdrawals

High rollers should rightfully expect priority withdrawals and higher withdrawal limits. Of course, nobody likes to wait for a long time until their casino profits are paid out. And the last thing you want as a high roller is having to deal with pesky withdrawal limits. This is important to understand, as there are many online casinos with such withdrawal limits. For example, an online casino might limit withdrawals to $20,000 a day. That might seem a lot of money, but if you are a high roller who is betting tens of thousands of dollars, you can easily hit this amount. Let’s say you win $100,000 in a casino and want to cash it out. If a $20,000 withdrawal limit would be in place, that means it will take 5 transactions of $20,000 each in 5 consecutive days to pay out the full amount of $100,000.

Priority withdrawals ensure that high rollers can access their winnings promptly, without having to worry about maximum cash-out limits. If you want to cash out, your withdrawal will be prioritised above all other casino players and will be instantly processed. Higher withdrawal limits allow high rollers to quickly and easily access their bigger winnings, showing the casino’s dedication to taking care of its most valued players.

Again, you may need to contact the casino to ask for priority withdrawals and higher withdrawal limits. Priority withdrawals are a unique casino perk which you might need to earn by proving you are indeed a high roller worthy of it. Typically, that means playing you have to play for a while longer at the same online casino, so they can see you are indeed betting some big amounts of money who needs higher betting limits and priority treatment.

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Utilise casino rewards and VIP programmes

High rollers should actively seek out online casinos that offer a casino rewards or VIP programme, as these loyalty schemes come with lots of enticing benefits. Firstly, these programmes often provide personalised and dedicated customer support, ensuring that high rollers receive quality assistance. Often this comes in the form of your personal casino manager who you can contact 24/7 in case you might need help or support.

VIP players can also enjoy exclusive access to high-stakes games, tournaments and special events, which further elevates their gambling experience. Such programmes may also give high bonuses to high rollers. These can range from special weekly reload bonuses to free spins on their favourite slot games. Some programmes even offer luxurious gifts, such as travel packages, high-end gadgets or tickets to sports events as a token of appreciation for their loyalty. The more you bet, the higher the bonuses and benefits are!

Choose the right online casino

The most important of our high roller casino tips is also the most simple: You must really make an effort to choose the right online casino! As you can see from all the tips we have given you so far, there are some great benefits and perks you can get as a high roller. However, not all online casinos provide them. While some online casinos might be great for the average Joe, they might not be the most suitable for high rollers.

Choosing the right online casino as a high roller can be difficult as many exclusive perks and special benefits are unpublished. Apart from casino rewards and VIP programmes, where all the benefits and bonuses you can earn are clearly listed, you often need to pro-actively contact the online casino help desk to get such perks as special high roller bonuses and higher limits. Most often, you do need to play for a while at a certain online casino and show that you are indeed a high roller who is betting large sums of money.

The online casinos listed on our website are highly suitable for high rollers as they provide high betting limits and have exclusive benefits waiting for you. Perhaps most importantly, all of the online casinos listed on our site are fully licenced by national gambling authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). You can therefore rest assured that your money and personal data are safely kept and that all casino games you play are honest.

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With these high roller tips, you can hopefully make the most out of your play at an online casino. As a high roller, you can earn a lot of special benefits and perks when you play at an online casino. This includes higher bonuses, higher betting limits and priority withdrawals. Just like land-based casinos, online casinos will have some special treatment in store for their most loyal players and the biggest high rollers. You can expect invites to exclusive tournaments or even free gifts such as luxury holidays or tickets to major sports events.

Don’t forget to look for online casinos with special rewards or VIP programmes as a high roller. These can give you extra perks like a personal casino manager, exclusive games, and cool bonuses. Whether you’re just starting to gamble or you’re already a big-time player, these tips can help you make the most of your high roller experience and have more fun playing online casino games.

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