Our Best Tips For Gambling At An Online Casino

Joe A.
5th July, 2021

If you search the internet you will find many tips and advice from so-called “professional gamblers” how you can improve your gambling skills. Some of this is legit – but a lot isn’t. There are unfortunately a lot of misconceptions among people when it comes to looking for gambling advice and general casino tips.

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Casino experts

There are many people who classify being a “professional gambler” as a dream job – a person who somehow managed to make a living out of playing games of chance such as blackjack or poker. Although there are definitely a few players out there who manage to do this, there are a lot more players who never manage to make a long-term profit and who will lose more than they ever win.

It is hard to come across such gambling experts. A lot of people think that anyone who bets big and plays high stakes games must be an expert. This isn’t necessarily true. Then there are also people (especially on the internet) who are masquerading as professional gamblers and who give all kinds of bad advice to players. This is especially true when it comes to special tricks and tactics which promise you great richness. If gambling would be just as simple as following a certain tactic or performing a trick or two – we would all be millionaires. Always be vigilant when you read about such stuff.

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Gambling tips

You will be surprised to hear that a lot of gambling tips from professional players have not as much to do with betting patterns or tactics, but more with studying, self-discipline and observing. On this page, we summarise our top 7 gambling tips for you!

1. Money management is crucial

It is important that you know how to make and keep a budget. At the very least, you need to know what it means. It is not only a great skill in life in general, but essential when it comes to (online) gambling.

Your bankroll is basically the money you have available online at an online casino which can be used for gambling. This money should never interfere with any of the necessities in life. Calculate first how much money you need for normal expenditures in life, such as paying the rent, food and all other basic necessities. We even advise adding a buffer to this – and to try to put something on your savings account every month to build this up.

Only after calculating such expenses you can see what money is freely left to spend on other things. Some people like to buy shoes, others like to put their money into their car. And some people like to gamble. Whatever your hobby is, it is crucial to separate such expenses from the necessary ones. This is something which counts for both hobbyists and professional gamblers!

Never cross your budget. If your monthly budget for gambling is let’s say 500 dollar, you should stick to this. Know that gambling everything in the first week will mean that for the last weeks of the month you should not gamble anymore – so it’s a good thing to perhaps spread the 500 dollar over a few weeks and say for example that every week you can afford to lose 125 dollars at most. If you do not know how to stick to your boundaries, you can forget about ever becoming a professional gambler. It will even mean that as an amateur gambler who plays for fun, you are likely to loose more than you win. Discipline is so important when it comes to gambling!

Once you have determined your overall bankroll, the next step is to determine what percentage you will use. As an example, most experienced gamblers say a bet of between 2% and 5% of your total bankroll would be a good suggestion. Any percentage lower or higher is either not worth it, or too risky. While the above percentages are typically used among professional gamblers, you can decide for yourself how to handle your budget.

gambling tips casino

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2. Don’t look at certainties

The disadvantage of looking at gambling certainties is that they often don’t pay out well, and they still require a lot of risk. This advice can best be explained by sports betting. If you bet on the outcome of a Chelsea vs. Luton Town or Barcelona vs. Santander football match, you kinda know that the home team will probably win 99 out of 100 times. Betting on the home side to win is an all-but-certainty. But is it a smart bet to make? Betting on the big favourite too quickly will only give you a very, very minor profit.

We don’t mean to say that you should wage your entire savings on Luton Town to win, but that it might be smart to look out for other bets instead. Professional gamblers would never bother with these bets as there just isn’t anything to earn, really.

This is not only the case in sports betting, but also in the casino. Let’s take the game of roulette. Betting on red/black or odds/even might give you the highest chance of guessing the outcome right, but what will it earn you on the long term? Many gamblers rather take the calculated risk to bet on a single number. Sure, chances are that the number will never turn up and they won’t win anything. But if they are lucky a few times like this, they can go home with a short-term win. Especially playing casino games of pure chance like roulette – in which the casino always has a long-term house advantage – you should not look at a long-term strategy but hope for short-term winnings.

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3. Set limits to keep control

Just like you do when it comes to trading at the stock exchange, selling a second hand car or in life in general, setting goals is one way gamblers monitor their progress.

The goal should be realistic, but we encourage you to push yourself to reach your full potential. If you want to gamble professionally, you will find out that the line between remaining financially stable and losing too much or not earning enough is much thinner than within other professions. Staying on track and achieving goals is a good way to avoid losing too much.

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4. Diversify your options

Most professional gamblers have their own speciality, for example blackjack or poker, but most of them are able to play a wide range of casino games.

For whatever reason, there are times when even the best gamblers face losses that put pressure on them financially. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned, a change is needed. You do not have to become an expert in any field or form of gambling, but it helps if you have more knowledge of different casino games and, for example, betting on sports, poker, bingo or something else.

Not only does it give you more options to choose from, but it also gives you the chance to take advantage of fun promotions when they come up at an online casino or poker site. Online casinos are known for regularly coming up with attractive promotions and bonus offers. It is always good advice to make use of as many of these offers as possible if they fit your betting patterns and strategy.

casino house edge advantage blackjack gambling tips

Blackjack is one of the best casino games when it comes to having a decent shot at beating the house.

5. Study the gambling industry

It is very important that you pay close attention to the opportunities which are offered across the board. Check which casinos offer the best payouts or which casino sites have the best promotions and bonus offers for gamblers.

Within an individual casino, you must study the payouts of tables, as even these can differ. Playing blackjack at Table A might have worse payouts than playing at Table B. If you play slots, study the RTP (Return to Player) rates and whether the style of the slot is a match to your needs. Some video slots are highly volatile, meaning that they pay out less – but if you hit a winning combination, the profit is often much higher than a regular slot. Depending on your goals and style of play, one category of slots can be better than the other for you.

When it comes to online poker, it pays to observe other players and their playing style. Taking a seat at a table with skilled, tight-aggressive players makes for a hard time getting money out of their hands. A table with players who are less experienced or have less aggressive or more loose playing styles would probably make for an easier place to win a few hands and get a nice profit while you are on it.

Comparing games with each other is of course vital too. Although it is certainly possible to earn a nice profit at any casino game, professional gamblers know that in the long-term, only some casino games in which also skill is involved have the possibility to earn a profit. These games are for example poker, or in a land-based casino blackjack if you can master the skill of card counting. In almost every other casino game, the house has the edge. You should never forget this and always compare the odds. That said, even professional blackjack or poker players still sometimes try their luck at other casino games. In the same way as people participate in a lottery, some play on a slot machine – hoping they are lucky enough to hit the 1 million dollar jackpot. Sure, playing such a slot isn’t profitable on a long-term – but you could very well be that lucky winner. As long as you know the risks involved, it doesn’t harm trying.

There is so much to study, learn, read and observe. And it is so important that you remain up to date with all the latest news and developments from the online casino industry. Of course, it’s all easier to stay up to date on all things gambling if it’s your only job, but that dedication is something that sets professional players apart from the amateurs.

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6. Discipline is vital

If you start to gamble, you will not have a trainer or boss on the sidelines who will provide you with advice. In fact, you are self-employed and you are there on your own. If there is something you should watch out for, it is potentially self-destructive behaviour. For this reason, gambling discipline is of great importance and is one of the most important skills to master as a professional gambler.

When emotions run too high, for example in a state of euphoria or when being depressed if a stroke of bad luck hits you, you are prone to make big mistakes. Trying to reverse that big loss with a double bet doesn’t always help (most of the time it doesn’t). Moreover, it eats big chunks out of your bankroll. Always remember to stick to your budget, to keep your bankroll intact and accept days in which luck might not be on your side for what they are. Professional gamblers know that not every day will be their lucky one – and they would certainly not try to force it.

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7. Luck is overrated

Of course, some kind of luck is required to win – this even counts for professional gamblers. However, the best approach is to completely ignore the factor of luck and focus on aspects like numbers and probability. It is important to recognise that professional gamblers see things in the long run as the bigger picture. This means that if you are unlucky for a day, this can be a normal thing. A bad day on its own doesn’t say much – what matters are the long-term numbers.

Always remember the concept of “going back to the average”. Essential, this explains that in the long run you will end up where you need to be statistically. Take this approach to gambling, and you start to recognise things – and that luck has much less to do with winning than you previously thought.

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The point of this article is not to convince you to become a professional gambler. Frankly, the opposite is true. We would like to point out the facts and show you that gambling for money involves a lot of skills which need to be mastered. Gambling professionally – or even getting a long-term win – is only possible for a few people and chances are big that you are not one of them. If it would be easy and readily available for everyone, then the entire world would be found in the casino and would be a millionaire. In fact – casinos would not exist as they would have lost all their money and gone bankrupt! Don’t forget that in the long run, the house always wins. Even though a few professional gamblers and a few lucky short-term winners might go home with nice prizes, there are a lot more who will simply lose.