Play Online Roulette Games For Free!

Joe A.
14th February, 2021

Want to play online roulette for free without having to bet some money? That is certainly possible! In this article, we tell you all you need to know about roulette and what the best websites are to play this exciting casino game for free!

Online roulette

The game of roulette is one of the all-time casino classics and it isn’t difficult to see why. When playing in a land-based casino such as the ones in Vegas or Monte Carlo, there is always an air of sophistication and camaraderie when standing along the roulette table.

Indeed, nothing is more exciting than waiting for the little ball to spin around the roulette wheel and to drop on the winning number. There are some great cash prizes which you can win if it’s your lucky day!

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Play roulette for free

There are however some good reasons why people might want to play roulette for free on the internet instead of betting money in a casino. Of course, you will find plenty of online casinos as well where you can bet at your heart’s desire, but sometimes gamblers actually might want to play the game without having to put down a wager.

These players often have three good reasons why they want to do so:

– Beginning players might want to do so to practice, understand the game rules and different betting possibilities
– Online casino players might want to look for the most fun, best roulette game on the internet before they start betting money
– Experienced players might want to test out some different tactics or betting patterns before betting money

free roulette

Some free roulette games on the internet are rather simple in design and graphics, while others are state-of-the-art games using the latest techniques and giving you the full array of betting options.


Of course, there are a handful of cheap-looking roulette websites if you would give it a Google where you can play free roulette games. However, most often these aren’t the best websites as these cheap games lack a lot of aspects which makes an online roulette game great. If you want to play online roulette, whether for free or for money, you would ideally have a game in front of you which manages to tick off all the following aspects:

– The roulette game uses sophisticated software to give independent, honest outcomes/results, just like in a real land-based casino.
– The website needs to have state-of-the-art graphics and an easy-to-use interface
– The website has multiple versions of roulette available
– All standard betting options found in the game of roulette must be possible
– The game must have the same excitement and tension as a real game of roulette in a casino
– You can switch to the full edition of the game in which you can put down some monetary bets if you want

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Online casino

Most free websites do not tick off all of the above boxes. You need roulette games which are developed by the best and most reputable of casino software providers. As these games aren’t cheap to make, you won’t easily find them on a random internet website, but solely at online casinos who can actually buy the licence to operate these games on their website.

Before you think: “Hey, I don’t want to bet money at an online casino, I want to play for free!” you should hear us out. Most online casinos actually have free test versions of these exciting roulette games. Signing up with an online casino won’t cost you any money at all. It’s free. You do not have to deposit money on your online casino account to access the game library and to select one of the free games. Heck, some online casinos do not even require you to register an account just to try out their games.

Of course, some casino games might not have a test version available, but the vast majority of roulette games (as well as slot machines, blackjack etc.) can be trialled in the free test version using credits instead of real money. This way, you can try out a game first before you decide to actually play it with money and to put down a wager or two!

free roulette

There are hundreds of different roulette games and variants available at online casinos.

How do you play roulette online for free?

Playing free online roulette is almost the same as playing for real money, the main difference being of course that you do not have to deposit any real money from your own bank account or credit card. Below, we have given a small overview which steps you must go through if you want to play free online roulette.

1. Choose an online casino to start playing at. Note that not every online casino has free test games, although a great majority of them do have them. Check our list of recommended online casinos – most of them have free test games available!
2. Choose a roulette game and click on “play now”
3. Enable Flash, if necessary. For most games this isn’t however required as the majority is nowadays developed in HTML5 instead of Flash
4. Choose your bet
5. Place your chips on the table to place a bet
6. Click the “Spin” button to spin the wheel
7. Wait for the ball to land and see if you have won

These steps are of course fairly easy. Anyone can do it really! Check out our other roulette guides as well to understand the basic rules and bets, and to read more about popular roulette betting patterns and tactics which you can apply in the game.

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Live Casino

Nowadays most online casinos have also a roulette version called ‘Live Roulette’. In fact, live casino games are all the rage at the moment! Instead of playing a virtual computer game, you are actually connected by high-definition camera to a real casino studio. Behind the roulette table you will see a professional croupier who will place your bets on the table and who will spin the roulette wheel right in front of you. It’s almost like you are standing in Vegas! The only difference is that you are watching the action on your screen, perhaps being comfortably seated on your couch.

With live roulette, you can take the full excitement of a lively casino environment straight into your living room! You can even chat or talk with the croupier and with other players, if you’d like (the version with other players is called ‘Multiplayer Roulette’ if you want to share the table with other players).

Unfortunately, live roulette is however excluded from free play and there are no possibilities to try this game out for free! Which is quite logical if you think of it, given that an online casino needs to hire and pay a professional croupier and broadcasting equipment to run live roulette on the internet!

live roulette

Many online casinos now offer live roulette as well in which you are connected to a real-time casino studio where you play at a table with a professional croupier.


+ Can I play roulette for free without having to register at an online casino?

At some online casinos this is possible, although it depends on the actual casino. Free roulette games are offered at many of the recommended online casinos without having to sign up first. In that case you do not have to provide personal information. Although even if  you do need to register first, it will still be possible to try out games for free without having to deposit money. Remember, depositing money and betting for real cash is always a decision which is fully up to you!

+ Is free roulette different from roulette for money?

The games of roulette are the exact same, have the same set of rules and the same betting options. The only difference is that you will be betting ‘fake money’ or just ‘online credits’ instead of real money out of your own pocket. Of course, that also means that you cannot win anything. Free roulette is all about playing for fun or to practice your skills!

+ Are all variants of roulette available for free?

Yes, almost all roulette variants are available – with the exception of live roulette.

+ Do I need to download software to play?

For most online casinos you do not need to download any special software or app. There are a few casinos which still have games that run in Flash – in which case you of course must have Flash installed. But given that Flash isn’t supported anymore by most browsers, this is increasingly rare. Nowadays, most software developers make their roulette games (and other casino games) in HTML5, which means that you can just run these games in your internet browser without needing to download anything!

+ Why should I want to play online roulette for free?

Most people play free roulette just for fun, as this way they do not have to bet any of their own money and risk losing it! Other people play roulette for free to learn the game rules and all betting options, while more experienced gamblers might prefer it to test out new tactics or betting patterns, or to try to invent their own!

+ Where can I find the best online casinos which offer roulette?

Check our website for a full list of recommended online casinos, all of which are fully licenced and independently reviewed.

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