The Biggest Online Casino Trends of 2022 in Canada

Joe A.
13th May, 2022

There are a couple of interesting online casino trends emerging in Canada in the year 2022. In this article, we explore what these trends are! If you are curious about all the latest developments in the world of online gambling, have a read to learn what the current trends are at Canadian online casinos.

2022 casino trends in Canada

Online gambling is still booming across Canada, with hundreds of thousands of people regularly flocking to online bookmakers or casinos to place a bet. When you look closer inside one of the top Canadian casinos and see what’s currently hot and what’s not, you can see a couple of big differences with previous years. After all, the world of online gambling always evolves as new games are launched, the technology gets more advanced and the personal taste of people changes over the years.

We have therefore taken a deep look inside some online casinos to see what the current casino trends are in Canada. These trends have to do with the popularity of games, but also in the way how people perceive online gambling and how they place their bets.

To be precise, we take a look at the following five trends:

– Trying out new game variants
– Popularity of live casino shows
– Rise of progressive jackpot slots
– Cashback deals and other bonuses
– Focus on responsible gambling

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Trying out new game variants

Classic casino games like blackjack and roulette continue to be widely popular across gamblers in Canada. However, gamblers increasingly flock to modern-day variants of these classic casino games. This in itself is perfectly understandable. Long-time casino players might get a bit jaded and will naturally look for something new.

However, this also counts for younger players who are relatively new to the world of online casino gaming. Young adults are naturally more inclined to follow or even set new trends – and this extends to the world of online casino gaming in Canada. While older gamblers may look for classic blackjack or roulette, young people are almost all open to try out a new and exciting variety of these games. As they are quick to adapt and open-minded, tying out new game versions is only a natural thing for them to do.

Once gamblers play these exciting new game variants they often find out that there is much to like about them. Let’s take a look at a few casino games, starting with roulette. If you want something new and exciting, you could for example try Double Ball Roulette, a game in which not one but two balls are used. Perhaps Mini Roulette sounds more enticing. This roulette versions differs from normal roulette as it has a wheel with just 13 numbers on it.

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Popularity of live casino game shows

In the last couple of years, we have seen live casino gambling really taking off in Canada. That’s not a big surprise as live dealer games bring the real-time casino experience into your own living room. If you play live blackjack, baccarat or roulette, it almost feels like you are standing right there inside a land-based casino around a table! With a professional and entertaining croupier or dealer leading you through your game of choice, you are almost assured some fun time gambling in a casino.

Besides the classic live casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette, you can also play live casino game shows. These game shows have become highly popular recently in Canada. Especially the live game shows made by software studio Evolution Gaming have taken the online casino world by storm. An increasing number of gamblers are discovering just how much fun and excitement these game shows can bring! Although you do need a bit of luck, you can win some equally nice amounts of money with these games.

We have discussed some of these live casino games in a previous article about the best live casino game shows in Canada. If you are curious about live casino game shows such as Crazy Time, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt and Deal or No Deal Live, have a read!

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Rise of progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots are also widely popular casino games among Canadian gamblers. When it comes to the online casino trends of 2022 in Canada it isn’t really about these games becoming more popular. They already were! The big trend we can see is that an increasing number of big international online casinos which are popular among Canadians now feature progressive jackpot slots. Casinos which already had them are constantly adding new ones and increasing their collection of jackpot slots.

It’s easy to see why jackpot slots are so popular. Of course, jackpot slots do usually have a lower RTP percentage than normal video slots, which means that your odds of winning something are a bit lower. However, this is set off by the big jackpot prizes you can win. After all, most people play jackpot slots in the hope of catching that multi-million dollar grand prize! If you are just after a few cents or dollars only, jackpot slots are not the video slots you should play. As the name already gives away, the jackpot prize of progressive video slots increases with every single bets that made by a player somewhere in the world. That’s why the jackpot prize can easily hit C$10,000,000 or even higher!

The most common and popular progressive jackpot slots you can find at online casinos are those connected to the WowPot and Mega Moolah jackpots. Popular jackpot slots connected to the Mega Moolah jackpot are Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah, Juicy Joker Mega Moolah and Immortal Romance Mega Moolah. Exciting slots connected to the WowPot jackpot are Book of Atem WowPot, Sherlock & Moriarty WowPot, Sister of Oz WowPot and 9 Blazing Diamonds WowPot.

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Cashback deals and other bonuses

Online casino trends aren’t only related to games – and a good example of this is the increased focus on cashback deals among people in Canada. For many years, the average gambler has focussed primarily on deposit bonuses when looking for casino deals and promotions. However, recently more and more Canadian gamblers are looking for cashback bonus deals.

There are a couple of reasons behind this trend. First of all, deposit bonuses are not always as lucrative as they might look at first sight. Although these are honest bonus deals if you play at a reliable, fully licenced casino – there is always a small catch. Sure, you’ll get the bonus money if you make a qualifying deposit. However, before you will be able to withdraw the bonus money or any winnings derived from it, you will have to clear the wagering requirements. Although most casinos use the industry standard of wagering requirements of x35 – it can still be tough to reach. That means that many players might eventually not be able to cash out their bonus money as they fail to clear the wagering requirements.

Cashback deals are different. There are quite some online casinos that offer you 10 or even 20% cash back on your casino losses! If a casino offers a 20% cashback deal and you’ve just lost C$1,000, the casino will deposit $200 back to your account. Although a cashback bonus may not sound as attractive as the “free money” you get with a deposit bonus, experienced players know that in the long run a cashback bonus is worth much more. See it as an insurance which pays you back some money if you run into some bad luck while playing! Moreover, especially high rollers will find that there is much to like about cashback bonus deals.

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Focus on responsible gambling

Another trend – which is visible at both online casinos and sportsbooks – is the increased focus on responsible gambling. This can be seen both on the side of casino operators as well as among gamblers themselves. A lot of online casinos are nowadays actively educating visitors about responsible gambling. Although this is often done under pressure from regulatory authorities and national governments, a lot of online casinos now see the virtues of this themselves.

Of course, this is a great development. We’ve always advocated responsible gambling ourselves here on this website. Although online casinos definitely have some responsibility in all of this, you should definitely take action yourself as well if you want to ensure that gambling remains a fun hobby or occasional splurge and want to prevent showing compulsive behaviour. Simply put, you should never spend more money than you can afford to loose. Make sure that you always have money left to pay for your rent or mortgage, utility bills and other daily expenditures. We also recommend that you ensure you first set aside some savings for rainy days or emergencies – money which you certainly shouldn’t touch and use for gambling in a casino. Only then we recommend you to spend money on gambling if there is still money left over at the end of the month.

You should also think carefully about the reasons why you play in a casino. Of course, you should never gamble in an online casino in order to win a big amount of money. Although that can certainly happen if you are lucky enough, you shouldn’t forget that the casino has a house advantage. As long as you are aware of that, you will be fine!

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What do these casino trends tell us about gambling in Canada?

It’s easy to see where the responsible gambling trends come from. First of all, responsible gambling campaigns are clearly having an impact on people. Secondly, we live in difficult times with a struggling economy and rampant inflation. The economic consequences of a global pandemic and war in Ukraine are also being felt by consumers in Canada. Just like traders on the stock exchange sell off risky assets and behave more conservatively, gamblers are being a bit more careful as well when it comes to risky bets and spending money on non-essential activities like gambling. Even the trends of increased popularity of cashback bonus deals and other casino bonuses are connected to this.

If you are looking for a reliable, fully licenced online casino, then check out our list of the best online casinos in Canada. These online casinos are widely popular among Canadian gamblers and have a great reputation for their honesty, safety and excellent game collection. They also have some excellent bonus deals!  As a new player, you can claim a welcome bonus at these online casinos. Such a welcome bonus can easily reach heights of C$1,500 or even more. Some of the online casinos in our list of Canada’s top online casinos are also well-known for cashback bonus deals.

Of each online casino we have written a full review. If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of each casino, available payment methods, withdrawal times and much more, you should definitely check out these reviews.

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Conclusion about casino trends in Canada

When looking at the casino trends in Canada in 2022 we can make two conclusions. First of all, there is an increase of popularity when it comes to special game versions of classical table games, progressive jackpot slots and live casino shows. Secondly, there are also some casino trends in Canada which have to do with the way how people perceive gambling.

There is increased awareness when it comes to responsible gambling. Besides this, a lot of players seem to be interested in casino cashback deals and other bonuses in order to get the most out of their money. As we live in uncertain times with a global economy which hasn’t fully recovered yet from a pandemic and a major war, it’s only natural that many casino players are a bit more careful with their expenditure.

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