Casino Maths: The Best Games for Mathematicians

Joe A.
1st September, 2022

If you are good at maths you can use these skills for your own benefit in an online casino. There are a couple of online casino games which are extremely well-suited for mathematicians and even those with the slightest love or talent for maths.

In this article we show you how you can use your math skills to improve your casino play and hopefully make a profit. There are certainly some tips and tricks that can improve your game! However, much depends on the casino game you select, as not all of them are equally suitable for mathematicians to focus on.

So let’s take a look at the best casino games to play if you are a true math wizard!

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Maths in a casino

Before we discuss the topic of maths in casino games, we need to address something important first. If you gamble in a casino, luck will be the predominant factor which determines whether you win or lose. You can be the greatest mathematician there is but still end up losing if luck is not on your side.

You really don’t have to be a mathematician to realise why. After all, there is such a thing as a house edge, the mathematical advantage the casino has over the player in each and every game. On a long term basis the house advantage of a casino is impossible to overcome. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot win any money with gambling as this is very much possible if you play on a short-term basis. All you need is a bit of luck!

Besides sheer luck there are a couple of other factors which could impact your results. With some knowledge about the casino game you play, intuition, the right tactics and by making the correct in-game decisions you can improve your chances of winning. All of these factors have one thing in common: Being good at maths will help you with all of these skills. After all, with a bit of maths you can increase your knowledge about casino games, finetune your tactics and make the right in-game decisions. It won’t make you a guaranteed winner, but it will certainly improve your chances in the casino!

maths casino

Suitable casino games to use maths

It depends on the exact casino game you play whether maths is an useful skill or not. For example, when it comes to video games, being good at maths won’t give you any extra benefits. After all, video slots are pure games of chance and all you need is luck. The results of each and every spin will be completely random and there is generally no way how your decisions could influence the outcome.

There are however some casino games where maths can be useful. These games are:

– Blackjack
– Video poker
– Texas Hold’em poker

Besides these games, you can also use maths in sports betting, which we will also discuss with you. Let’s however start with the casino games first, beginning with the great card game of blackjack!

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Blackjack is one of the best casino games to play because of its low house advantage. If you follow the basic blackjack strategy and play at a table with more advantageous rules and pay-outs the house advantage can be as low as 0.5%. However, that house advantage can quickly increase if you deviate from the basic strategy and play according to intuition. Playing at a table with less advantageous rules (eg. with a 6 to 5 pay-out for a ‘natural’ blackjack instead of the more common 3 to 2) will also increase the casino house edge.

There are however ways how you can use maths to further improve your winning chances while playing blackjack in the casino. You can do so by card counting. Card counting simply means you try to remember which cards have already been played. Knowing which cards have been played makes it possible to predict the remaining cards in the deck, which in turn makes it much easier to make in-game decisions. After all, if you know that there are mainly low cards remaining in the deck as most high cards have been played, you could for example hit a card at 14 instead of standing down.

There are numerous ways how you count cards. For beginning card counters there are some easy method, although maths aces might prefer to try their hand at some of the more advanced methods as those are more accurate (although more difficult to learn). Do however keep in mind that card counting only works in a land-based or live casino. Card counting won’t work in virtual casino games as the deck is automatically reshuffled there after each play!

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Video poker

Video poker is also a popular casino game for gamblers to use maths to calculate their winning chances, which helps them making the best possible decisions. Indeed, we have written an entire article about video poker tips and tricks and you are well-advised to check it out if you want to know more about this casino game.

In video poker it is also possible to count cards in order to calculate your exact odds. Let’s take an example: We play Jacks or Better and receive a hand with 2 of hearts, as well as diamond 10, Jack, Queen and King. The best decision is now to exchange the 2 of hearts for a new card, which will give us quite a few ways to get a winning hand:

– A diamond Ace leads to a Royal Flush.
– A 9 of diamonds gives us a Straight Flush.
– Another ace or nine makes a Straight.
– Any of the 7 other diamond cards gives us a Flush.
– Any of the three remaining Jacks, Queens or Kings makes a qualifying pair.

If we add all the different outcomes, it shows that there are 24 different cards which can make a winning hand. We know that in Jacks or Better a 52-card deck is used and we have just been dealt 5 cards. So out of the remaining 47 cards, 24 cards will give us a winning hand. This means that 23 cards won’t help us at all making a winning hand. Your chances to win this particular hand will therefore be higher than 50%! With a bit of maths you can make a calculated decision when playing video poker in a casino!

maths casino video poker

Texas Hold’em poker

Another casino game where you an use maths to your advantage is Texas Hold’em poker. After all, this is one of the few forms of gambling in which you can make a long-term profit! However, to achieve that you need to have a lot of skill, experience and even some mathematical talent. All professional poker players use maths in their game to try to calculate their winning odds at every turn in the game. Although they still have to look for tells to try to “read” their opponent and guess what hand they hold, poker players try to make an educated guess and won’t solely rely on intuition alone.

With every new bit of information or new development, professional poker players recalculate their expected odds. With every player who folds or with every new card appearing on the flop, turn of river, these players will readjust their odds. Using maths, they continuously make calculations and play out scenarios in their mind. Using maths is therefore one of the many factors which sets apart a great poker player from merely a good one, let alone the sub-average players who keep on losing money.

If you ever want to become a professional poker player or want to make money playing Texas Hold’em poker in the casino, a solid understanding of maths is a must.

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Use maths in sports betting

There are also some gambling options outside of the casino where you can use maths to your advantage. One of these is of course sports betting. After all, in almost each and every professional sports maths is being used on a daily basis to train players and teams. Whether it’s football or cycling, maths can be extremely advantageous. Professional sportsmen and sportswomen from all over the world use data to monitor their own achievements and to calculate where they can improve their skills. Coaches also use data to do research of opponents, trying to find the weak spots of the opposing side and how to best exploit them.

You can do exactly the same when it comes to sports betting. There are a lot of punters who look at the data of previous matches and the individual form of players to make a better prediction. Similarly, they make calculations when it comes to odds, trying to find the best possible bet.

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The best online casinos

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Casino maths conclusion

Whether you will win or lose in a casino is mostly down to luck. After all, each and every casino game has a house edge. This means that in the long run the casino will always have the advantage over players, although winning is always possible on a short term basis. Knowledge, experience and skill can all improve your winning chances in the casino. Another factor which can help you a lot in the casino is maths. Being a maths ace is of course great, although you don’t necessarily to be one in order to use it to your advantage. Even with basic math skills can you improve your winning chances in the casino.

This is however not possible at each and every casino game. Three games stand out when it comes to using maths in the casino. These are blackjack, video poker and Texas Hold’em poker. Especially when you use advanced strategies such as card counting and use maths to calculate your estimated odds at each and every turn can you improve your winning chances. It’s also possible to use maths to your advantage in sports betting.

Take a look our list of recommended online casinos and give these games a try! Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus if you sign-up.