How To Get The Biggest Profit Out Of Your Casino Bonus

Joe A.
12th February, 2021

If you register at a new online casino you will often be eligible for a welcome bonus, but how do you make sure that you get the most out of your casino bonus and turn it into a nice profit? Let’s find out in this article!

Casino bonus

Everyone in the world likes to earn a little more money in life. The same counts of course for gamblers as well. When you play in an online casino, you of course wish you could have a bigger bankroll. You wish you would be able to play longer in order to chase that big jackpot.

One way to do this is taking advantage of casino bonuses. Casinos often give welcome bonuses to newcomers or reload bonuses to regular customers in which the house tops up your account with a certain amount or percentage after you deposit some money from your own bank account or credit card.

But which bonuses are the ones that you should really go for? Which casinos offer them? And above all, how much are such bonuses actually worth and how can you max the benefits and profit of your casino bonus?

In this article we provide explanations and give some advice how to find the best casino bonuses. We’ll explain some of the casino bonuses to you, go through some of the typical bonus conditions which might apply, and show you where to pay attention to when choosing a casino bonus.

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You can get freebies in land-based casinos such as those in Vegas, but those often pale to the large bonuses which online casinos hand out. ©Screenshot

Attracting players

Online casinos are always looking for ways to attract new players – gamblers know that and are eager to use it for their own profit. The competition is intense in the gambling industry and rival casinos have to come up with new ideas all the time how they can possibly expand their customer base. These casinos do this first of all by offering a large assortment of games, a great help desk and an easy-to-use platform, trying to have the best possible quality casino.

Of course, online casinos also do a lot of PR and marketing – and this is where casino bonuses come into play. For you as a gambler it’s not necessarily about which casino offers the highest bonus. What should count as well are the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses, as a large bonus is rather useless if the bonus conditions are strict and unsuitable for you.

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Different bonuses

These are some of the casino bonuses which you can find the most at online casinos:

– Welcome bonus
– Deposit bonus
– Free spins bonus
– Reload bonus
– Exclusive bonus for VIPs/high rollers
– Cashback bonus
– Free tournament entries

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses (also called sign-up bonuses) are the bonuses which are meant to attract new players to a casino website. The more attractive the welcome bonus is made, the more players will sign up for the casino. As these bonuses are limited to just one per person, IP address or household, you can basically only profit for it once.

That said, if you have already used the sign-up bonus at Casino A, nothing stops you from getting another welcome bonus at Casino B.

Welcome bonuses can come in different forms. In 99% of all cases they are a deposit bonus, a free spins bonus, or a combination of them both.

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Deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses are always popular among gamblers. This bonus can easily double the deposit you make to put some money on your new online casino account! Basically, a casino might offer you a 200% deposit bonus of up to 300 euro. That means that if you deposit 100 euro to your account, the house will match and even double this – adding another 200 euro to your account, all for free! In this case, you will have a neat bankroll of 300 euro to gamble with. Of course, to maximise this bonus, you should deposit the full 300 euro – as in that case the house will give you 600 euro for free, which means a bankroll of 900 euro in total!

The deposit bonus is a bonus type which is often used as a welcome bonus. When it’s offered to existing customers, it can also be called a reload bonus (given that gamblers can reload or top up their online bankroll with it). Normally, welcome bonuses are higher than reload bonuses given that it takes more money for casinos to try to lure gamblers away from rival casinos than it takes to keep happy customers satisfied with recurring reload bonuses.

Free spins bonus

This is another bonus type which is often given to newly registered casino players as part of a welcome bonus package, as well as to loyal players who are already playing for a while longer at a certain casino. Sometimes you must make a qualifying deposit first in order to receive the free spins, sometimes these are given just upon registering at an online casino as a new player (in which case the bonus is also called a non-deposit bonus).

The free spins bonus type is easy to understand as it involves a number of free spins on an online slot, which are most often restricted to just one or two popular video slots only. If you don’t win anything with these free spins, bad luck – but nothing lost as after all you got those spins for free. But if you manage to win something, that’s only great news as of course you can keep the profit from the free spins! However, bonus conditions will apply meaning that you can almost never cash out those profits instantly as certain requirements must be met first.

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Make sure you claim your casino bonus when you sign up for an online casino! ©Screenshot

High roller or VIP bonus

There are often unpublished bonuses for high rollers or VIPs who wage huge amounts of money. If you are a player with almost unlimited pockets who likes to bet big, you should always get in touch with an online casino to ask what deals they might have. You have a lot of bargaining power if you are a high roller as any casino will be happy to see you signing up!

Cashback bonus

The cashback bonus is one for players who already signed up and played at a casino before. In case you might have lost some money while gambling, a cashback bonus will give you back a certain percentage. An online casino might for example offer you a 10% cashback bonus of up to 500 euro. If you have lost 5.000 euro playing blackjack for example, it means the casino will deposit 500 euro back to your online account.

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Points to watch out for

There are always terms and conditions which apply to all bonuses. Each player has to adhere to the conditions when applying for a casino bonus. Below you will find the most important rules, terms and conditions which could apply to any casino bonus.

Wagering Requirements

Each bonus has wagering requirements attached to it. How high these wagering requirements are, depends on the online casino in question. Sometimes the height of the bonus is another factor, as usually the highest bonuses have a higher wagering requirement as well. The usual wagering requirement is x40. That means that you have to wage the bonus money a certain amount of times in a casino before you can actually cash it out. Do note that some casino games or certain bets might not count towards the wagering requirement. This is always clearly listed in the terms and conditions.

If you find an online casino with wagering requirements of x35 or lower, it is advisable to claim a bonus there as that is considered to be a sweet deal.

Maximum bet

Many online casinos have capped the maximum bet size when using bonus money. The standard is 5 euro for active bonuses. Some casinos have 3 euro as a maximum betting limit when using bonus money.

Profit limits

There are often profit limits attached to free spins bonuses. It means that the money you can win on a slot using free spins might be capped at a certain maximum amount, so don’t think that you can win the multi-million jackpot with free spins!

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Additional promotions

Most reputable casino websites have promotion pages. By reading those, you can determine whether you like the promotion campaigns the casino has launched in the past and use the information to decide whether you want to register a new account. This way, you can see if a casino might only hand out a welcome bonus, or if there are recurring bonuses too for loyal costumers – which is always a good sign.

VIP bonus

To really get the most out of casino bonuses, check whether an online casino has its own VIP program. In such a loyalty program, players are rewarded when they come back to the casino to play more. The more you play, the higher of a level you will reach within the program structure.

Gamblers who hit the highest levels often get exclusive bonuses, such as cashback offers. They also get free invitations to tournaments – which is basically a free chance for you to win some big money! Furthermore, VIPs and high rollers can enjoy all kinds of freebies, gift certificates and many more interesting benefits.


Now that you are more familiar with all the casino bonuses which are available, you can make a better decision which online casino is the best choice for you. It’s always a good idea to select an online casino that focuses on VIP players and has a loyalty program. Do you like online video slots? Then watch out for free spins bonuses! Do you prefer table games? Then look out for a casino in which you can get a great deposit bonus as welcome offer.

But don’t look at just the number of free spins and sums of money alone – the devil can be in the details! A higher bonus might not always be a better bonus – if the lower bonus has much more lenient terms and conditions then it could actually be better in practice!

Check our list of recommended online casinos, read our independent reviews, and check what the current welcome bonuses are at Europe’s top online casinos!

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