Best Casino Bonus: Which Online Casino Bonus Should You Look For?

Joe A.
27th December, 2020

What is the best casino bonus you can possibly get? For which kind of bonus should you look out for in particular, and which online casinos currently offer the best welcome bonus? Let’s find it out!

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Casino bonus

We all love to be pampered, whether this is in real life by our loved ones or by a commercial party. Who doesn’t appreciate a nice gift from a friend or family member? Or a free dessert or pint of beer on the house in a restaurant or pub?

At land-based casinos, these “comps” or freebies as they are called are very common. If you are a high roller or even just a regular visitor, many casinos will certainly spot you and throw in something nice as an appreciation of your loyalty. Whether this is a free meal at the casino restaurant or a voucher for a night’s hotel accommodation, there are plenty of ways how gamblers get comped.

In certain casinos, especially those in Las Vegas, even first-time visitors often get nice treatment if they hang out for a while at a gambling table or slot machine. A server walking around to take free drink orders is not uncommon at all.

But also in the online world it is possible to get some nice advantages. No free drinks here though, as the perks for online gamblers mostly come in the way of casino bonuses. These bonuses are meant to attract new players to an online casino, and to show appreciation to loyal customers in order to keep them satisfied.

There are many different online casino bonuses available and sometimes it can be difficult to determine which casino bonus is the best for you. And then there is of course the question which online casino currently offers the best welcome bonus to new players! We are happy to give you a helping hand. If you read on below, you will find an answer to both questions!

casino best bonus

Casinos can have attractive welcome bonuses for new players.

Welcome bonus

The most famous of all online casino bonuses is the welcome bonus. This bonus is there for newly registered players who have not played at the casino before. You will receive the bonus after signing up for an online account, or after having deposited your first money to the account.

This bonus often comes in two different forms:

– Free spins (free spins bonus)
– Extra money on top of what the money you deposit (deposit bonus)

It is important that you look at the terms and conditions of every casino bonus offer. Only then will you know how much money the bonus is actually worth.

For example, you might be eligible for a welcome bonus of 100% of up to 200 euro. This means that when you deposit €200 from your own fund, you will receive another 200 euro on top of this from the casino – completely free. You’ll thus start playing with a bankroll of 400 euro. Of course, you can deposit less if you like. If you deposit 100 euro, the casino will give you the same 100% deposit bonus, which in this case means that you receive 100 euro on top of your 100 euro and that you can thus start gambling with a 200 euro bankroll. Depositing more is also possible, although the free bonus money you’ll receive will never be more than that 200 euro maximum.

Ideally, you would thus look out for casino bonuses which have either a high percentage, or those with a high maximum limit, allowing you to max out the bonus.

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Deposit bonus

Although deposit bonuses are usually given to newly registered players as part of their welcome package, they are often given as well to players who might already have a casino account. In such a case, these bonuses are often called “reload bonuses” as they allow players to top-up their online bankroll, with the casino giving a bonus over the deposit.

They work exactly the same as the example we described above. That said, these bonuses often tend to be less generous than the welcome bonus. Check the casino promotion page to see what they are offering to their current crop of players to get an idea. Some online casinos are especially known to treat their players well by offering them weekly bonuses.

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best casino bonus

On our casino review page, we have an overview of top online casinos and the welcome bonuses they currently have on offer.

Free spins bonus

Another popular casino bonus is the free spins bonus. Just like the deposit bonus, this bonus can be given as part of a welcome bonus package to new players, but can also be handed out to current casino players as a token of gratitude for their loyalty.

The great thing about the free spins bonus is that as a player you can try out all kinds of popular video slots for free while having a chance to win real cash prizes. For example, an online casino give you 50 free spins on the Starburst slot upon registration. You then simply create an account and the spins will be credited to you instantly, allowing you to start playing right away. Other casinos will only give these free spins after you make a qualifying deposit, which could be for example a minimum deposit of 100 euro.

If you win money on a video slot with free spins, you of course cannot cash out and withdraw the money immediately. If that would be possible, every casino handing out free spins bonuses would probably be bankrupt! Especially when it comes to free spins bonuses, you should read the terms and conditions and look up the so-called “wagering requirements”. These detail what you must do to fully unlock the prize money which you may have won from your bonus. Often, you must wage this amount a certain amount of times playing casino games before you are allowed to cash out the full amount.

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Get a Welcome Bonus of up to €500 at Playamo Casino!

VIP bonus

If you are VIP or high roller there are many more bonuses you can claim from an online casino! Many of the best online casinos on the internet all have special VIP or loyalty programs for real high rollers. The more you play or the higher the stakes are, the higher the level in the program you reach.

If  you like to bet big, it is easy to climb the ladder to the elite category of such VIP programs. In return, you receive special bonuses from the casino. This can be weekly reload or cashback bonuses, but also unpublished bonus offers which are tailormade to your needs. Often, you will be given a dedicated VIP manager as well who you can contact at all times. If you are such a player who likes to play big, you shouldn’t hesitate to pro-actively ask the casino for some special bonuses, rewards or comps. As a high roller, you have quite some leverage, and the casinos will most often try to do the best they can in order to keep you happy (and thus retain your business). After all, they would hate to see you leave and join a rival casino!

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poker chips stack table

If you are a real high roller, you should look for an online casino with a good VIP and casino rewards program. ©Screenshot


Now that you have a better understanding of how casino bonuses work, you might be able to decide for yourself which casino bonus is most suitable for you. It is impossible to say that a certain bonus is the best, as you can’t generalise. What is suitable for Gambler A might not be suitable for Gambler B.

If you love playing video slots, then chances are that you are enthused by the free spins bonus. In that case, you should look for an online casino offering the highest amount of free spins as part of their welcome package, as well as casinos which regularly give away free spins to loyal customers.

Want to test out a casino without having to risk a lot of money? Check whether a casino might have a non-deposit bonus, in which case you might get some free money or free spins straight away upon registration without the need to deposit money first.

Are you a real high roller or high stakes gambler? Then of course you couldn’t care less about free spins or a few hundred euros or dollars welcome bonus. You want to play in the big leagues – in which case you should definitely look for an online casino with a great VIP/loyalty program.

Whatever you want, on our website we have made a list of recommended online casinos to play at. All these casinos are reputable casinos of international fame and acclaim. Needless to say, they are all fully licenced, secure and trustworthy. By all means, do read the reviews and compare the pros and cons of every casino before making a decision at which casino to play. We also made an easy-to-compare list of welcome bonuses which these casinos currently offer to new players, making it easier for you to select your favourite.

Have fun gambling, but make sure you play responsibly!

Get a Welcome Bonus of up to €500 at Playamo Casino!