Table Games Where You Can Win The Jackpot: A Full List Of Casino Games

Joe A.
8th January, 2021

We all know that many video slots have high jackpot prizes – but what about table games? Are there any casino table games where you can win a sort of jackpot? In this article, we will explore all table game jackpot options you can find in an online casino!

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Jackpot slots

Before we move on to table games with a jackpot – let’s first have a look at the most famous casino jackpots of all: those on the video slots.

The online casino world certainly has enough jackpot slots on which you can win some big cash prizes can be won. That is the reason why some high roller casino players prefer slots. They aren’t necessarily interested in winning a few dimes, dollars or euros. They are out to win that big jackpot prize!

There are however also quite a few table games worth considering if you want to try to win some big jackpot prizes. Sure, these jackpots cannot compete with record breaking jackpot pay-outs on online video slots such as Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune. But by playing these games below you do have an excellent shot at winning some serious money.

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People often think about video slots when they read about casino jackpots, even though several table games have jackpots too. ©Highrollerscasino

Caribbean Stud Poker

It is definitely possible to find some good Caribbean Stud Poker games with jackpot prizes at online casinos across the world. Quite some software developers have created captivating Caribbean Stud games which can be played at some of the world’s best online casinos. Think for example about gaming giants such as Realtime Gaming and NetEnt, two of the many game studios that offer progressive jackpots with prizes that go up into six-digit amounts.

You can win such a jackpot prize with a side bet as low as just 1 euro/dollar. We’ll explain it all to you below in case  you might not yet be familiar with Caribbean Stud Poker.

– First you place a side bet – which is often as low as 1 euro/dollar – on the table. This is called the ante bet and is basically a bet on the jackpot.
– You receive five cards and you must beat the dealer by having a better 5-card hand.
– You can either raise the bet (twice the ante) or discard your cards (fold), thereby losing all your bets.
– If you raised, then you and the dealer compare the cards to see who has the best hand.
– The dealer must have at least A-K-4-3-2 to qualify.
– If the dealer does not qualify, you earn a 1 to 1 pay-out on the ante and you don’t win anything with the raise, which will remain on the table.
– Assuming the dealer qualifies and wins, you lose both your ante bet and raise.
– If the dealer qualifies and you beat him, you win 1 to 1 pay-out on the ante.
– Your raise will be paid according to the paytable of the game.

Typical Caribbean Stud pay-outs

Online casinos offer different pay-out tables when it comes to the raise in poker games. In general, you should expect to win the following when you play Caribbean Stud Poker:

– Royal flush: 100 to 1
– Straight flush: 50 to 1
– 4 of a kind: 20 to 1
– Full house: 7 to 1
– Flush: 5 to 1
– Street: 4 to 1
– 3 of a kind: 3 to 1
– Two pairs: 2 to 1
– Any other hand: 1 to 1

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Caribbean Stud jackpot pay-out

The jackpot bet does not depend on whether the dealer qualifies or not as this paid out using a different paytable:

– Royal flush: 100% or progressive jackpot
– Straight flush: 10% or progressive jackpot
– 4 of a kind: € 100
– Full house: € 75
– Flush: € 50

If you look at the maths, you will receive a royal flush on 1 out of 649,740 hands on average. This means that you typically do have to play a lot of hands in order to win a progressive jackpot, unless you might get lucky early. But with pay-outs of up to a quarter of a million euro (250,000 EUR) it is definitely worth the wait.

Do however check what the exact pay-outs are and what the jackpot prize is before playing! As always, it is wise to compare different tables and games as there can be big differences.

table games jackpot

There are several online poker variants where you can win major jackpot prizes.

Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride is another popular poker variation which you can find at many online casinos. The rules of the game are however somewhat different than those of Caribbean Stud Poker. The basic game rules are as following:

– You place a standard bet with an optional 1 euro side bet on the jackpot (often simply called the jackpot bet)
– The standard bet must be placed in three equal parts (eg €1, €1 and €1 for a 3 euro total bet).
– After betting you will receive three cards face down.
– You have the option to take back one third (1/3rd) of your bet after seeing these cards.
– A community card is dealt.
– You have the option to take back one third of your bet again.
– A second community card is dealt.
– Your hand is compared to that of the dealer (three own cards + 2 community cards) to see who has won the game.

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Let It Ride pay-outs

Most casinos require you to have at least a pair of tens or higher in order to qualify for a win. In such cases, you automatically lose with a pair of nines or lower. In our list below you can see the standard pay-outs of Let It Ride, which is always based on the actual bet which is left on the table when it comes to the final comparison.

– Royal flush: 1,000 to 1
– Straight flush: 200 to 1
– Four of a kind: 50 to 1
– Full house: 11 to 1
– Flush: 8 to 1
– Straight: 5 to 1
– Three of a kind: 3 to 1
– Two pair: 2 to 1
– Pair of 10s or better: 1 to 1

The main characteristics of Let It Ride are that you take away part of the bet while playing. Assuming you have left all three bets on the table, you are “Letting it Ride”, which is where the name of the game actually comes from!

Let It Ride jackpot pay-outs

The optional 1 euro (or higher) side bet allows you to play for the following jackpot prizes, which typically are:

– Royal flush: 100% of progressive jackpot
– Straight flush: 10% of the progressive jackpot
– Four of a kind: 500 euro
– Full house: 100 euro
– Flush: 75 euro

The size of the Let It Ride jackpots can vary enormously depending on the software developer behind the online casino game. If you play at a land-based casino, you will see that the jackpot height will depend on the casino where you play. Jackpot prizes of more than one million dollar have however been won by players, so they can reach quite substantial amounts.

At online casinos, you can often find a Let It Ride version made by Realtime Gaming. Although the jackpot amount in this game is less than a million euros, you can still win respectable prizes of around 100,000 euro.

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Pai Gow Poker

The card game Paiw Gow Poker is based on the Chinese Domino game and is played with 53 playing cards. The deck contains 52 standard cards along with a semi-wild joker, which can serve to complete a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush.

Pai Gow Poker is quite a unique poker variant. It requires you to create two individual hands, including a “low” and “high” hand. Although there are jackpots in the game, online Pai Gow Poker jackpots often don’t grow as fast as those which you can find at Caribbean Stud or Let It Ride. However, they can still be worth playing for.

Below, we have summed up the basic rules of Pai Gow Poker as you will find it at online casinos:

– You place a standard bet of 1 euro and an optional jackpot bet, if available.
– You receive seven cards.
– Your seven cards must be separated into a 5-card high hand and 2-card low hand.
– The dealer also receives seven cards and does the same following structured rules called the “House Way”.
– You and the dealer compare the high and low hand and see who wins.
– You beat the dealer by winning both hands; you draw by winning one of the hands. You will lose when you lose both hands.

Pai Gow Poker pay-outs

Usually, Pai Gow Poker jackpots depend on the 7-card hand you form. In the list below we show you what the typical standard jackpot pay-out table looks like:

– 7-card straight flush: 100% of jackpot (with or without joker)
– Five aces: 10% of the jackpot
– Royal flush (5 cards): 500 euro
– 5-card straight flush: 100 euro
– Four of a kind: 75 euro
– Full house: 5 euro

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Roulette Royale

The only jackpot game on our list which is not a poker game is Roulette Royale. This exciting roulette variant is developed by Microgaming and features a European roulette wheel with a progressive jackpot next to it. This game has paid out jackpot prizes as high as 440,000 USD, which makes the game an attractive option if you want to win big in roulette.

The Roulette Royale jackpot has never exceeded 440,000 dollar. Assuming you’ve played European roulette before, you shouldn’t have any problems with the rules of the game. You can place the following standard bets:

– A bet on 1 number
– A bet on 2 numbers
– A bet on 3 numbers (street/trio)
– A bet on 4 numbers (corner)
– A bet on 6 numbers
– A bet on 12 numbers (column/line/dozen)
– A bet on red or black
– A bet on odd or even
– A bet on high or low numbers

To play Roulette Royale, you must place at least 1 euro/dollar as a standard bet. Pay-outs are the same as in normal European Roulette. You also have the option to bet 1 euro on the jackpot. To win one of the four jackpot prizes, the ball must hit identical numbers two to five times in a row to win.

– Same number 2 turns in a row: 15x your bet
– Same number 3 consecutive turns: 200x your bet
– Same number 4 consecutive turns: 3,000x your bet
– Same number for 5 consecutive turns: progressive jackpot

The odds of the ball landing on the same number five times in a row is 1 in 69,343,957. Therefore, you have little chance of winning the jackpot. However, you can take advantage of other pay-outs while playing the normal roulette game. After all, who knows you might end up getting lucky!

table games jackpot

Even the game of roulette has jackpot variants! ©Screenshot


There are a lot more casino games besides video slots worth trying out if you want to take a shot at winning the jackpot. Of course, the bulk of the jackpot games will always be made up of video slots. Those slots with attractive progressive jackpots will always lure gamblers to both land-based and online casinos.

However, there are also several poker variants where you can win the jackpot. There even is one roulette game made by Microgaming which has a jackpot option. If you do not care that much about playing slots but love table games, these poker and roulette games offer exciting opportunities and are well-worth it to seek out. Check our page for a list of recommended online casinos where you can find these games!

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